December 28, 2005

Sex in Hong Kong 3

one-floor-one prostitutes

These were advertisements by Hong Kong’s prostitutes in an adult magazine. You couldn’t see the faces of most of them.

Most of them will be in a teasing negligee or in underwear when they open the door for you. Generally they are quite plain looking. The photos are deceptive. They do not reveal defects on the women’s body. I have come across one with loose breasts and dark nipples and another with unsightly folds of flesh at the stomach. There was one with an unappetizing red scar at the abdomen.

The majority come from China. I doubt they go for regular mandatory health checkup.

I have visited the following places: Hop Yee Building, Fuji Building and East South Building in Causeway Bay; Fook Kiu Mansion and Champagne Courts A & B in Tsim Sha Tsui and New Lucky House in Jordan. All are old buildings and have squeaky lifts. Most of these buildings have a caretaker sitting in a cubicle near the lift landing at the ground or first floor.

The rooms, usually lit in romantic lightings, are sparsely furnished. There is a small bathing area, a television set and sometimes a fridge. Normally they don't offer you a drink. There are towels but if you are suspicious of the towels, bring a small one yourself.

Hop Yee Building did not have a caretaker. It was the most littered of the buildings I have been to. Paper, boxes and drink containers were strewn along the staircases. On the day I visited there were even two big discarded mattresses along the staircase between two upper floors. Words and telephone numbers were scrawled on the walls near the lifts.

New Lucky House houses several guesthouses. At times you would be waiting for the lifts with a score or more people at the ground level. There are two lifts but on the day of my visit, one of them was out of order and the other lift only goes up to a certain level. A crowd was waiting, among them guests with their luggage. There would be chaos if there were a fire or a bomb explosion.

I intend to visit Mongkok, North Point and Tin Hau when I go to Hong Kong again.

December 18, 2005

Sex in Macau 3

Darling 2 in Macau is smaller than Darling 1 and has less women. But I feel it makes things easier too. Once you enter the door you see a small reception counter on your left and a few meters ahead of you is a small brightly-lit room with a one-way glass front. Inside the room were young beautiful women in sexy seductive costumes.

The models, Russians and westerners are at level 3 and they come around 7pm.

During my first visit in the late afternoon, the room was almost full of women - seated in 4 or 5 rows with a few standing behind. You see a lot of bare flesh.

Unlike in Darling1, you can see the women clearly and you are spared the embarrassment of the women looking at you while you are deciding who to choose.

I chose No 366, a Chinese national. Needless to say, service was very good. So was her skills. She also has a shapely body and beautiful firm breasts.

In the bath, she applied some lotion or foam on her body and mine and used her breasts and nipples, tights and buttocks to massage me. She spent a lot of attention on my penis – caressing, stroking, tickling, clawing, teasing… using her hands and fingers as well as her breasts.

On the bed, she sucked my penis and then I fucked her.

During my second visit I chose a 20-year-old Taiwanese model. It cost more. She has a sexy face and her body and breasts were better than 366.

November 30, 2005

Seductress from Chongqing

It was 1.30 after midnight. She was standing in the dark sidewalk in Lorong 14, dressed in jeans and a dark long-sleeve blouse. So I only noticed her when she beckoned me as I walked near. She has the sluttish look and is very fair. She claimed that she had first class fellatio skills.

Her fair fleshy body whetted my sexual appetite. I asked her to turn over and started caressing her back with my lips and tongue, from her shoulders to her feet. Then I caressed her front, from her neck to her toes. She played with my penis. Soon it was throbbing with excitement .

Her fellatio skills were only so-so. Her teasing and acting skills were much better. As I kissed her body and fucked her, she teased me with her eyes, mouth and tongue and made moaning noises. It didn’t take long for me to ejaculate once my penis entered her vagina.

November 15, 2005

Whore from Beijing

November 2005

Went down to Lorong 10, Talma Road and the Darlene Hotel zone in the early afternoon a few times during the week. Sometimes there were only a few China women and sometimes none at all.

As for the late-night scene there were also less China women than before at the area during my visits. Only during the latest visit did I see two that were attractive to me. The first choice was not around when I returned after walking one round.

The second was standing outside Hotel 81. She is very fair and has curled reddish-brown hair. She was in a revealing two-piece outfit. The skimpy ‘skirt’ was even shorter than what the woman in the picture was wearing.

She said she was from Beijing. She has soft big breasts. I had great pleasure caressing and kissing her breasts and body.

Service was good. And so was sex.

In terms of looks I prefer the one from Qingdao whom I wrote about earlier.

November 05, 2005

Geylang: Recent Arrivals

October/November 2005

Tried three new arrivals in Geylang.

All the three are short. They gave good services. I think generally all the prostitutes in Geylang give good services.

petite, fair, sweet pretty face, small breasts, nice body

Face & Body : A*
Skills: B+

small-sized, very small breasts and thick thighs

After sex she gave me a massage on the back and her massage techniques were quite commendable.
Face & Body : B
Skills: A

Jia Jia
small-sized but with some body fats, small breasts, unattractive complexion

Face & Body: B
Skills: B

October 28, 2005

Sexy Whore from Qingdao

October 2005

2am. She was standing at the short stretch of Talma Road between Hotel 81 and Lorong 10.

She has an attractive face with a cheerful disposition and part of her curly brown hair tied at the back. Her shapely figure was clad in jeans and a sleeveless low-neck t-shirt that revealed the top of her ample breasts.

She said she was 25 years of age and came from Qingdao in China.

Her service was as good as many Geylang $150-prostitutes.

She stripped to show her red bras and panties and asked me if they were sexy. They were – a fair sexy woman in red sexy underwear! I caressed and kissed her back and legs and removed her panties. The crotch of her panties was a little sticky. It smelled like combination of starch and leaf. It was quite arousing.

She licked the inner side of my thighs, abdomen and nipples while her hand stroked my erect penis.

Fucking was also an A* experience.

After she had washed up we made small talk while I sat on the bed and she leisurely applied some make-up. Then I paid her – more than what was agreed upon though she did not ask.

I think her motto is "Customers happy, I happy”. Shouldn’t it be the motto of people in other services as well?

October 19, 2005

Geylang Tour

October 2005

Took a tour of Geylang on Sunday night 2am or rather Monday morning.

Massage joints at Aljunied Road, Geylang Road and Lorong 17 were still open.

There were very few China prostitutes at Lorong 14, 10, 8 and Talma Road; even the pimps who were usually at Lorong 10 were not there. However, there were many Indonesian prostitutes at Lorong 12 and Talma Road.

There were also not many men sightseeing.

It could be due to the heavy downpour in the afternoon and the rain in the evening and night.

Several older prostitutes were standing in the darkness in Lorong 16 and Thai transvestites were hanging around Hotel 81 and the car park nearby. The transvestites would retreat to the coffee shop at Geylang Road at the sight of an approaching police patrol car.

There were many Thai prostitutes at the junction of Lorong 18 and Westerhout Road.

Some China prostitutes were soliciting along the stretch of Geylang Road and the carpark between Lorongs 21 and 23.

Did not find any woman that attracts me.

October 10, 2005

Geylang :Chien Hong and Mun Mun

October 2005

Chien Hong

Chien Hong is slim and tall and has nice long legs. Her breasts are small. She is an old timer in Geylang. She said she was approaching 30. She was friendly but I felt she talked a bit too much. She has good fellatio skills. She held about 4cm of my penis in her mouth and used her lips to massage the shaft while her tongue caressed my penis head. I would have ejaculated in her mouth if she had worked on it long enough. Had a good session with her.

Mun Mun

Mun Mun is a new arrival in Geylang but has worked in the flesh trade in Malaysia. Mun Mun is thin and has small breasts with big dark brown nipples. The size of the breasts is not that important to me. Her face is okay. One of her fellatio skills is holding the penis head against her lips and vibrating the tip of her tongue across the fold of skin at the underside of the head. Also had a good session with her.

September 30, 2005

Geylang :Theresa and Jessie

September 2005


Called her several times already. She was in a sexy outfit revealing the top of her bosom, the middle section of her body and her legs. In the room her fair naked body looked more fleshy and very tempting. It was irresistible - I hugged her and stroke and fondle her body as we kissed.

Her blowjob was excellent as usual. I think only Jia Sin has better skills and techniques than she. It was very erotic to see my hard penis thrusting back and forth in her vagina. With such a woman, my climax is always more intense and the amount of semen increases.


Another prostitute I called was Jessie. She said she was 26 but her innocent-looking schoolgirl face makes her look younger. Very good service but very elementary blowjob skills.

September 21, 2005

Pornstar Look-alike

This is a sexy Taiwanese porn-star. She is skillful at fellatio.
Fancy getting a woman like her in Geylang.

September 2005

Friday night - about 2am.

There she was, standing along the side lane connecting Lorong 12 and Lorong 14. Her face, body-type and even her hairstyle looked like the Taiwanese porn-star. Dressed in a pink dress, she was smiling and flirting with men who passed by. Fair, sexy and voluptuous – sexuality oozed from every cm of her tempting body. There were several men standing around just ogling her. I felt my penis reacting. (Actually I had intended to look for another woman I saw last week.)

Took her to Fragrance Hotel in Lorong 14.

She was good in bed and her blowjob was wet and sensual. A great fuck!

September 10, 2005

Sexy Young Prostitute

September 2005

Went down to Geylang at about 1.30 am – a Monday morning. The massage joints at Aljunied Road, Geylang Road and Lorong 17 were still open. The street-walkers were concentrated in the area shown on the map. There were quite a number of men doing their sightseeing.

There were two women that I intended to fuck – one along Talma Road, near Hotel 81 and one outside Darlene Hotel at Lorong 8.

The one outside Darlene – cute, sexy and young. She is quite tall and slim with bleached hair. She wore jeans which exposed her hips and navel and a dress which revealed the top front of her breasts. She looks like a student.

She said she was 19. She performed fellatio, just standard type with no skills or techniques. However, she is friendly and accommodating and doesn’t hurry you. I asked her to turn over on the bed. I kissed her back from shoulders to toes. Then I did the same to her front. Finally I fucked her. Whenever I stopped my motion her vagina gripped my penis on and off. When she saw that I enjoyed it, she smiled. A very pleasurable session.

(I also had prostitutes who were money-minded and who gave poor services. Only that I don’t write about them.)

August 31, 2005

Temptress 3

August 2005

I saw her one afternoon along Geylang Road, near Lorong 19. She is petite and fair. I find her face sexually attractive especially her nose which resembles Zoe Tay’s. I got her number.

I called her a few days later and arranged to meet at Hotel 81 in Lorong 8.

She has seductive smiles and a congenital ability to flirt. She would be good promoting beer sales or selling insurances to men. I think many men would find her womanly charms difficult to resist.

She said she had quitted her work at a massage joint because they got nothing from the massage fee of $28 if the customers did not opt for extra service. Most unfair I thought.

One letdown though – her body. Just passable. A breasts man would be disappointed. She is only twenty something. Fortunately for her as well as for me, the most important thing to me is the face.

She talked about sex while she played with my penis. My penis began to harden. She smiled her seductive smile and finger-clawed around the penis head. She was rewarded with a 16cm hot throbbing rod of flesh in her little hand. She seemed delighted with her handiwork as semen flowed out.

As I fucked her I kissed and touched her face – which most women don’t allow. A heavenly session!

August 23, 2005

Model Prostitute

August 2005

At about one in the afternoon there were 4 China prostitutes outside Darlene Hotel at Lorong 8, Geylang. My attention was caught by a tall fair woman in a short body-hugging dress revealing three-quarters of her thighs (like the woman in the picture). If you were near enough, you could see the outlines of her panties. She looked like a fashion model. Later she told me she was one before.

Went to Hotel 81 with her. She was in her early twenties, amiable and service-oriented – rare for a ‘model-type’. Her naked body was not perfect but good enough to make my penis tingle with excitement. She performed oral but no skills.

I kissed and fondled her body concentrating more on her legs. I loved to look her naked body and pretty face while I fucked her with deep strokes.
Ahhhhhh! – Ejaculation!

August 16, 2005

Massage at PPC

August 2005

Was at People’s Park Centre to try out the food at the newly-renovated food court. Then walked from basement to level 3. At level 3 there are several massage joints (Tui Na or similar). Saw some sexily-dressed women outside their joints towards the end of the row facing New Bridge Road. Was attracted by one who is fair and shapely. She has the type of face that I find attractive (like those in the picture).

A dim (light reflected from outside only) cubicle with a bed. There was no washroom in the joint, only a hand-wash basin. I think the women don’t go the public toilets in the center to clean up after each love-making session.

Massage - $20 per 30 min. She just rubbed my back for a few minutes, then asked if I wanted ‘make love’ or 'masturbation’. She quoted $150 ! and $60 !. Bargained down the price for sex. No oral. Halfway she said that if I exceeded the half hour, I have to pay again!

It was one of the most-hasty sessions I had. Felt rather cheated. She said I could book her out next time. I said no, I won’t come again and I would discourage my friends too.

August 06, 2005

Temptress 2

August 2005

A petite 20-something woman with bleached brown hair from Guangzhou. She was in a hot sexy red dress. If she had solicited along the streets, she would have attracted a lot of attention. It is her second or third time here. Her clients are her regulars and their introductions. She said she did not want to risk patrolling the streets. I brought her to one Hotel 81.

In the room, she performed a striptease dance with the seductive moves and gyrations of a professional. She said she learnt this. During the performance she took my hand and rubbed it on her breasts and crotch. By then I was fondling my erect penis.

She was a skillful temptress. She licked the underside of the prepuce, and twirled her tongue round my penis head. I moaned involuntarily.

While I was fucking her, she groaned and moaned with occasional ohs and ahs. A spectrum of expressions crossed her face as she tossed her head from side to side. Whether faked or genuine, I was aroused by her uninhibited sexuality.

July 27, 2005

Chinese massage Joints in Geylang

July 2005

This week I visited two of these Chinese massage joints (Tuina or in whatever name) that seem to be sprouting up in Geylang. I find that they are just fronts for prostitution.

In the first case, the woman sitting at the entrance brought me up. There were only two women at that time and a man, the joint-keeper. One hour - $28. The massage was done in a rectangular cubicle with a bed and mattress. You can hear people in the adjacent cubicles and if you dare, can climb up and look over the partitions. My masseuse was average in appearance – face and body. She did massage for about 30 minutes; then came the question – sex? Actually I came just for the experience. No; I just fondled her body including private parts and she tried to arouse me. She said she would get only $8, so she had to depend on income from her other services.

When time was up (about 45 minutes only) I gave her $50 ($22 extra). She said not enough. I said ‘Then I take it back’. The notes were on the bed and as I stretched out my hand, she snatched the money away. The speed of her action would have put a snatch thief to shame. Instead of being angry, I felt pitiful for her. I gave her another $10.

In the second case, the joint was also along Geylang Road. There were three women sitting and standing around the entrance. They seemed to be of better qualities. I picked a fair woman in a black dress. It was $30 for one hour. A cubicle with just a mattress. She kneaded my neck, shoulders and back for around 10 minutes and then she started her arousing trick during which she removed her bras. This time I succumbed as she was quite attractive. Just sexual intercourse, no oral. She said that customers could book them out at $30 per hour. After work, clean up with tissues and towel. You can go to the kitchen to wash you hands.

If you want a good massage, you certainly will be disappointed. If you want fellatio and sex and good service, it would be better to visit the Geylang brothels.

July 23, 2005

Geylang Prostitutes 8 & 9

July 2005

Queenie, Coco, Bai Xue, Theresa – all not available. The BK (brothel keeper) mentioned some names. I chose one LV – recent arrival. She came dressed in a dull black dress – a tall thin small-breasted plain-looking woman.

Face & Body – B, Skills & Services – A

July 2005

Xian Tian belongs to the $80 category. Her body and looks are average but her skills and service are very good.

Face and Body – B, Skills and Services – A*

July 15, 2005

Sex in Haadyai

July 2005, Haadyai

It seems almost every street in the town center of Haadyai has at least one foot massage shop. The masseuses (some are young but many are in their thirties) in most of these shops also do ordinary massage and oil massage. The shops have glass front and the massage chairs are arranged in rows inside. You can see them from outside where some masseuses also sit. Then there are massage parlours which offer ancient massage and many hotels have one.

There is a health center at Lee Garden Plaza Hotel building called Health Massage where there are more and more younger masseuses. You can also book them to the Hotel for massage. I think you can also book them when they are off but that depends on individual masseuse.

If you stroll along the streets and if you are male, alone or with other males, pimps will approach you to ask you if you want women. One midnight while having supper at the food street outside the hotel; a woman came, asked if I needed a woman and showed me an album with photos of some girls. Occasionally, women from china might come and ask you if you want a massage.

The bigger massage palours are New Chaophya Bath and Massage, Chaophya 4 and Pink Lady.

New Chaophya was closed when I went there one afternoon on a weekday. Perhaps it has closed down. I did not go to Chaophya 4. I only went to Pink Lady.

In Pink Lady there was a separate ancient massage section where the women wear standard uniform. The women in the big fish tank do the body massage or ‘tora’ – these include fellatio and sex. There were not many women that day and they were only so-so in terms of looks and body – way below those in Macau.

I chose a pleasant woman who was smiling at me. The room was spacious with a TV set and a fridge stocked with drinks. The course includes bath and massage in the bath-tub, body massage with lotion on the inflated rubber mattress, sex and massage on the bed. (Of course you can have sex anytime during the course.) All this while, a pornographic film was showing on the video channel. Her service was just passable, again far from that at Macau.

June 29, 2005

Geylang Prostitute 7

June 2005

Her name is Coco. My first view of her was her back - shoulder-long light brown hair, short skimpy black dress which highlighted the contour of her curvy buttocks and exposed her sexy legs and shoulders. I felt my penis tingle with excitement.

She is another woman with great fellatio skills.
I love her wet long tongue licking the underside of my penis and her mouth moving up and down my penis while her finger tips roam lightly over my body and testicles.

Called her again a week later.

There are mirrors on three sides of the wall as well as on the ceiling. I was standing sideway between a wall with mirror and the bed and she was kneeling with her tongue working round the head of my erect penis. It was a most aphrodisiac sight in the mirror.

On the bed I kissed her body. She seemed to like me kiss the mound of flesh at her vulva. It was quite exciting for me – I like the feel of her pubic hair brushing my lips and face and the smell of her body.

June 02, 2005

Sex in Zhuhai 2

May 2005

Outside the hotel I was staying is Lian Hua Road. This is a busy road with lots of people walking to and fro or hanging about from early afternoon to night. Further down the road is a sort of pedestrian mall. This is the main place where young prostitutes will look for their prey. One of them told me that some prostitutes could know whether the men are local or foreign or where they came from by their dressing and speech. Having found a target, the woman would swiftly approach the man and ask him if he wanted her. Some are very persistent, walking alongside the man chatting away. Almost every prostitute gave the men they approached a piece of paper with her name and number.

I took a stroll along Lian Hua Road in the afternoon - spent some time hanging about The Mall and collected paper slips from several prostitutes. I was particularly interested in a sexy young woman in a bright green dress that exposed her fair arms and shoulders, accentuated her breasts and gave tantalizing views of her cleavage. At night I called her to the hotel.

She was 22 years old, friendly and cute. She has a beautiful well-proportioned body, shapely legs, fair smooth skin and soft firm breasts. I had immense pleasure hugging and fondling her body. I kissed her whole body. She smiled and giggled occasionally. She did not have the skills but with such a woman it did not matter at all.

The warm damp flesh of her vagina was gently gripping my hard penis. As I looked at her sexy face, my thrusting motion became more vigourous and soon the sensation reached the ultimate ….. ejaculation!.

I tipped her generously. I do not believe that tipping will spoil the market..

She is one of the types of women that I love. I had another two prostitutes in Zhuhai but they were quite ordinary.

May 29, 2005

Sex in Macau 2

Macau – May 2005

Went to Darling 1 Bathhouse in the evening. There were more than 3 dozens women dressed in sexy revealing uniform to choose from. Most were from Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Chose a young woman from Taiwan. She has a pretty face, a nice body and speaks good mandarin. She said she had been trained in the job. She was good but the one I had last December was better in terms of skills and sexual attractiveness.

Macau – May 2005

Went to the renamed sauna at Sintra Hotel. This sauna does not seem to be popular and there were only a few ladies working on that afternoon. Picked a woman from China. She said she has been an erotic dancer before. To prove that she wriggled her naked body on the bed and performed erotic moves like a striptease dancer. While in the bath she said she was trained in the art of fellatio. She used her skills on my penis. Her tongue licked, flicked, twirled and slid round my penis head and shaft. Soon my penis was throbbing with pleasure.

On the bed, had another round of foreplay and fellatio before I entered her – superb.

May 23, 2005

Sex in Hong Kong 2

May 2005 - Hong Kong

Went to explore Fook Kiu Mansion at Tsim Sha Tsui. Started from level 5 and ended at level 2. At the door of each room there was either a ‘Welcome’ sign or a ‘Please Wait’ sign indicating whether the prostitute was available or not. No sign meant that she has not started work yet or was not working on that day. You can press the bell and ask her for the price and at the same time have a look at her face. If you do not wish to patronize her, say a polite excuse and leave. Do not loiter outside the room for too long as she can see you in the close-circuit television in her room.

Called Angel at level 5. She is fair with big breasts, friendly and gave good services.

April 30, 2005

Geylang Prostitutes 5 & 6

April 2005

Theresa – A slim and foxy woman with a husky voice and shoulder-long brown hair.
She is very seductive and gives excellent blowjob. Her sexy face is a great aphrodisiac itself.
Face and Body : A*
Skills and Services : A**

Miyaki – a recent arrival, was working in same trade in KL
Lightly tanned slim body with small breasts, curled medium-long hair.
Face and Body : B+
Skills and Service : B

April 22, 2005

Geylang Prostitute 4

April 2005

Bai Xue – She is fair and voluptuous, has big breasts with large areolas.
She has excellent blowjob skills – wet and sensuous.

Face & Body – A, Skills & Service – A*

April 12, 2005

Geylang Prostitute 3

One of my favourite girls was back. She looked sexier and fairer. She had brownish hair instead of her usual black and she now wore large earrings. Her back view was like the girl in the above picture - even the panties looked alike. Had an enjoyable time with her.

March 28, 2005

The Temptress again

Went to look for the Temptress. Saw her outside Hotel 6 at about 2.30pm. She wore a figure-hugging blouse and a tight mini skirt, all of which to accentuated the curves at her bosom and buttocks.

Soon she was naked on the bed. I played with her firm well-rounded breasts and nipples which protruded about 2cm and stiffened readily with foreplay. As before I enjoyed the lustful expressions on her face. I would like to ejaculate on her face especially her nose. I ejaculated before I could ask her.

March 26, 2005

New Prostitute 1

Went to my regular brothel.

Three of my favourites prostitutes are East, Bonnie and Queenie. All three are slim-built with small breasts. Queenie looks sexy with her fair skin, bleached yellowish-brown hair, decorated finger nails and a tattoo on her back just below her neck. East is attractive and has excellent fellatio skills but she performs her fellatio in a rather mechanical way. Bonnie is pleasant, affable and accommodating.

Queenie and Bonnie have not returned from their one month compulsory leave. Anyway Queenie rarely works even if she is back and she seldom starts work early. On the other hand, Bonnie does not absent herself from work unnecessarily and she is usually at her work-place by 1.30pm.

The best fellatio I have came from Jia Sin. She has superb skills and she seemed to enjoy it. But I don’t find her attractive.

The hot favourites; like Jaguar, Susan and San San, somehow are not my favourites. Not that they are no good. Put it this way:- One man’s delicacy is another man’s plain rice.

The brothel keeper told me there were three new arrivals. I tried one by the name of Carol. She has big breasts and she gives good service. Had a good time with her. She may be new in Geylang but is not new in the trade.

March 19, 2005

China Prostitute 5

At about 1.30am there were quite a number of China prostitutes along the pavement opposite Fragrance Hotel in Lorong 14 and opposite Wing Fong Mansions in Talma Road. I chose a busty sexy woman with dyed light-brown hair. She was in a black dress which contrasted sharply with her white skin .

During sexual intercourse her vagina muscles tightened on and off and I felt her vagina gripping my penis. It was very pleasurable. The sexual intercourse took longer than usual, and during ejaculation the sensation lasted longer and the volume of semen was also higher.

March 06, 2005

A Temptress

It was about 2pm in the blazing afternoon sun. There were five young women at the front of Hotel 6 facing Lorong 6, Geylang. Two of them who were standing together caught my attention. Both were attractive - I picked the one with a sexy smile showing her white beautiful teeth. She is a 22-year-old slim sensuous woman from Funan. Her face reminded me of a sexy Japanese pop-star.

In the room she became a licentious temptress stripping off her clothes but leaving her lacy white panties on. Some pubic hair spilled out teasingly at the edges of her panties. It was very erotic.

She then lay on the bed and wriggled her body seductively. Then she used her toes to tease my nipples. I was so aroused that I grabbed her and caressed her body. I kissed and licked her groin area. Then I removed her panties and buried my head in her crotch.

Sex with this vamp was an orgasmic experience. She faked ecstasies but it produced the desired effect on me. With her head slightly tilted backwards, she was groaning and moaning and I love to watch her facial expressions particularly her nostrils flaring, expanding and contracting. I find a woman’s nose has a lot to do with her beauty and sensuousness. I love noses and nostrils of certain shapes. I think women with noses that are big, flat, or thin are not attractive.

February 23, 2005

Geylang Prostitute 2

Went to a brothel and called one of my regular prostitutes. She is a slim Chinese woman with a pretty face, small breasts, tanned body and shoulder-length straight black hair. I like her fellatio skills.

As she kissed my body, she used her fingertips to caress the inner sides of my thighs, my scrotum, the penis shaft and the head. She performed fellatio in different positions - while I lay on the bed, sat on the edge of the bed and stood on the floor with one foot on the bed. I love the last position as I could look down to see her sexy face as she licked the underside of my penis. I also like her wet, slow, gentle stroke.

As I ejaculated inside her, she gave a mischievous smile.

February 17, 2005

Ah Lian Prostitute

It was 1.30am in the early morning but there were still quite a number of China prostitutes soliciting at Geylang – Lorong 14 (the half stretch from Geylang Road), Lorong 17 (around Starlight Hotel), Lorong 12 (around the Hotel 81 and backlanes leading to Lorong 14 & Lorong 10), Lorong 10, Talma Road, in front of Darlene Hotel and around Hotel 6 (formerly Ocean Hotel) which is just behind Darlene.

I was attracted by a super ‘Ah Lian’ at the carpark at Hotel 6. She has bleached yellowish-brown hair with streaks of green and red, a tattoo on her left upper arm, studs on her belly button and nose, a large ring on her right ear and small gold rings on the perimeters of both ears. She wore a pair of super mini shorts, black bras with a short unbuttoned jacket over her shoulders.

Besides her sexy looks she has the skills too which she applied well to my body and penis. I performed cunnilingus on her, something which I rarely do with China prostitutes. But the most arousing thing was seeing myself fucking this super Ah Lian lying naked on the bed with arms raised, legs spread wide and moaning.

January 30, 2005

Geylang Prostitute 1

This picture is from a Hong Kong Women-for-Sex website.

The prostitute I called today from a brothel in Geylang looks a bit like her. But she is darker and less beautiful. She has average-sized breasts with brown semi-erect nipples. What I liked is the way she toyed with my penis. She flicked her wet tongue over my nipples while her fingers crawled lightly over my testicles, the shaft and the head. I also liked her sliding her soft slippery tongue along the underside of the shaft and then twirling it round the rim of the penis head.

When the penis head was wet with her saliva she would use her fingers to play with it as if she polishing a door knob. I almost ejaculated.

Sexual intercourse was, in comparison, rather mundane. I felt it would have more pleasurable if I had ejaculated in her mouth. Next time perhaps.

January 10, 2005

Another China Prostitute

Picked up a 26-year-old China prostitute at Lorong 18 in Geylang and went to a hotel. I was attracted by her sexy looks and her very fair slender legs.

On the bed I hugged, kissed and fondled her legs. She is very service-oriented. This foxy woman is very experienced with men. I liked her wet tongue licking sentive parts of my body especially around my penis head and the prepuce at the underside of the head. She seemed to take great relish in teasing me and making my penis throbbing with pleasure.

After the first ejaculation, the sensation did not subside. So I continued thrusting and thrusting until a second smaller ejaculation came. Women!

January 06, 2005

Sex in Singapore

This safe-sex poster is prominently displayed in every brothel in Singapore's red-light districts. Prostitutes working 'legally' here have to go for regular health talks and check-up which includes test for the HIV virus. I think the Singapore Government is pragmatic and wise. Understanding that sex is a man's basic instinct, it knows there would be more problems if prostitution is banned. So prostitution is allowed but under strict check and control. In this way not only is the spread of STD curbed, but the number of prostitutes can be limited and related criminal activities can be controlled.

Male Singaporeans are very lucky that they can openly visit prostitutes without fear of being arrested and the possibility of getting diseases is low. Furthermore, there is a wide choice of prostitutes - from average-looking women in their thirties to model-type beautiful women or sexy young women with bleached hair, decorated finger nails and tattooes on their bodies. Then there are Thai brothels with attractive Thai women.

As for the effectiveness of the poster..... I think 99% of the men will use condoms for sexual intercourse but only 10% will use it for oral sex. A man likes the heavenly feeling of his hard naked penis in the warm mouth of a sexy woman.

January 02, 2005

My First Prostitute in 2005

My first prostitute in the new year is from China. Some of these China women start soliciting in Geylang, Singapore's famed red-light district, early in the afternoon. I saw her standing near a coffeeshop. She was very fair and was wearing a low-cut black dress that exposed her shoulders and the top of her breasts. It was lust at first sight. (I am easily aroused by sexy women with fair complexion, especially if they are wearing skimpy clothes that expose their flesh.)

Having settled on the price and services, we went to a hotel in Lorong 20. Unlike many others, she did not collect money first and she gave excellent service which is rare with China women. Moreover, she is skillful and she enhances your pleasure by saying things like she enjoys making the man excited and seeing semen seeping out of the orifice of the penis during foreplay. I had a very enjoyable time with her. It was an auspicious beginning of my sexual life in 2005.