February 21, 2012

Pretty feet

I think men generally don’t pay much notice to woman’s feet. Most women wear shoes that cover their toes and there isn’t much to see. About a week ago I noticed a young woman with pretty feet. Her toes were painted red and there was a tattoo on one foot. Her legs are also attractive. However, there was an ugly tattoo on one of her thighs.

Not many prostitutes have nice feet. Some have attractive feet but the soles were quite coarse. Here are two prostitutes with sexy legs and attractive feet. I have mentioned about one of them before in a previous post.

Pretty feet

Pretty feet in sexy heels

Feet and heels fetish


Cum on feet


February 06, 2012

Handjob queen

The Qipao or Cheongsam is an elegant dress for women, especially beautiful women. Every woman should have one in her wardrobe.

The qipao can be sexy too.

Handjob Queen

Most of the prostitutes in the Geylang brothels are from China and Thailand. There are very few Malaysians left. I have not tried the Thai women for quite a long time.

The China women generally give good service. I think many of them follow a set of routine but the experienced ones vary the routine according to their customers. Some are more skillful and some are more accommodating and cosy. Then there are sexy temptresses who smoke on the bed or tease you with their panties and high heels. Of course it also depends on your preferences and fetishes and on your chemistry with them.

Some brothel keepers can give you suggestions or recommendations.

"You like my legs and high heels?"

"Am I sexy? I'm a bad woman. You like to fuck bad sexy women?"

There are some who are good at blowjob. However, the best blowjob I have experienced was performed by the Malaysian fellatio queen I mentioned in Unforgettable Prostitute 3.

There are several China prostitutes I have tried who are good in handjob. Recently I tried one who claims she is a handjob specialist. She said her hand skills are better than her oral skills and many men couldn’t resist cumming in her hands.

She used lubricant and I would say her skills and techniques are very good. She also talked dirty to arouse my lust – “You like I play with this part below your cock head?” “How you feel now? In paradise?”

Here was a naked woman sitting between my legs, playing with my cock which was now rock hard and throbbing with pleasure. Women! Like what she said, I couldn’t resist cumming in her hand. Ahhhhhhh! Women! A big load of semen shot out with the first spurt, followed by several smaller spurts. She continued stroking my cock for a while even when the semen has stopped oozing out.