March 23, 2011

Irresistible Women

Another upskirt fanatic

This "no street-walking" sign that can be put up at places like Joo Chiat or shopping centres ...

This "safe sex" banner can be erected at some Lorongs in Geylang ...


Charms of women

Master of magic spells: 'There are spells to protect you from creatures with sharp teeth, mighty horns or tusks but there there is no spell to protect you from creatures with soft horns on their chests.'

Don't these look like horns?

Can you resist these beautiful horns?

Stiff rod subdued by soft horns ...

Sensual Pleasures

Part of a talk given by a Thai monk, the Venerable Ajahn.

A prostitute seducing a monk ...

March 09, 2011

Legs! Sexy Legs!

This is one of the earliest posters advising the use of condoms.

In recent years there are 3 other posters with these messages:

1. Condoms MUST be used here.
(Picture shows evil-looking viruses holding spears)
2. Practice Oral Hygiene. NEVER drink directly from bottle. (Picture shows a woman about to drink directly from a bottle.)

3. Cover Yourself when entering an Unknown Cave. (Picture of a cave.)

I have made some posters with the third message in mind.

You like prostitutes wearing spectacles? I saw this one at Geylang.

Looks like the sex business in Geylang is thriving.
Coming! Another brothel with Thai women .....

This newly-opened Thai brothel is just next door.

Legs! Sexy Legs!!

To enjoy women doesn't mean you must play with their naked bodies or fuck them. You can just enjoy looking at sexy women in the street. I love to look at the beautiful legs of attractive women.

Besides her legs, this woman looks sexy in her loose crumpled-looking shirt.

I liked to watch the muscles at her calves and thighs tightening as she raised her body on her toes.

This is one of my favourites.

Another favourite.

I like the shape of her calves.