August 10, 2013

Glorious breasts

Upskirt maniac 

Can I smell your backside?

Glorious Breasts

Some of the popular posts are those related to women's breasts. It is amazing that men are so obsessed with breasts. Seeing a woman with a low-cut dress exposing the top of her breasts, the man's eyes would lit up. He would ogle and stare longer, longing to look at them naked and to fondle them. 

I am not a breast man. I would get aroused with a sexy-faced women even if she has small breasts. However, my eyes also light up when I see a busty woman. Looking at such a woman on the street, and if her face is attractive, with her firm breasts protruding out could give my cock that pleasant itching feeling.

Most of the China prostitutes I have called have small to average breasts. A few months ago I had one with big breasts. Her name is Por Por. I think she has gone back already. 

These two prostitutes were in HK. They have quite big breasts. I played them when I was there a few years. They were good fucks. I think I have mentioned them before.

I also enjoyed this Malaysian prostitute with ample bosom.

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