June 16, 2014

All about the cock

HIV : Gay men at higher risk 

Take precaution : Put on the condom. Have natural sex with a woman. Gay sex is neither natural nor normal. 

The Cock 

There are people who love cocks so much that they set up blogs about them. Here are some of the blogs:

Pictures of cocks mainly from the above sites:

Big cocks:

Medium-sized cocks:

Small cocks:

Long cocks:

Old cocks:

Young cocks:

Cocks with big heads:

Curved cocks:

Cock-heads covered with foreskin:

Ladyboys' cocks:

Cocks dripping with cum:

We, from young boys to old men, love our cocks whether they are big or small. We play with our cocks a lot and many of us have been playing them since we were young. Playing with our cocks give us immerse pleasures. As we grow older we don't have to ejaculate every time we masturbate. Just stroking the cock can give us a pleasant pleasurable feeling.

Many of us have tried various ways of masturbating and using aids like lotion, fruits or dolls.

Cocks and Women 

Now, what do you think about when you play with your cock? Certainly not a cow or a tree. We think of women. Beautiful women, Sexy women, Voluptuous women, Desirable women. WOMEN! Women is a very exciting word that makes my cock aroused and itchy.

We like to show off our cocks, especially a hard one dripping with cum ...