June 25, 2011


You have heard of the OWC. One of the things it wants to do is to teach the wife to be as good as the prostitute on the bed. I think the wife should also acquire other sex paraphernalia to help her entertain and arouse her husband - things like bras and panties, uniform and lingerie, shoes and boots and other sex enhancement toys. More about the OWC at the end of this post.


What is sexiness? What makes a woman sexy? One factor is dressing. These women are sexy …

Then there are women who have sexy faces. However, this can be quite subjective. What one man finds sexy may not be sexy to another man.

Occasionally there are women who are quite plain. It seems there isn’t anything attractive about them. Yet you find them sexy and you get sexually aroused. So I would say sexiness is sexual attractiveness. A sexy woman would make you think of sexual pleasures.

What about women who cover up their bodies from head to toe? Can they be sexy?

This is what one man said .....

A Sexy Muslim Woman

I was sitting at a Singapore MRT station one day, watching people go by. It was a Friday, and Muslims were returning from the mosque near my office. Normally, Singapore doesn't feel like a particularly Asian country to me. No more so than California, anyway.

On Fridays however, surrounded by Muslim people in traditional clothes, Singapore feels like an Asian country.

As I sat there, a young woman walked by in her bright yellow kebaya. Her scarf blew in the wind, waving around her dark face. She smiled, revealing perfect white teeth behind shiny red lips. Large brown eyes sparkled as she laughed, while sharing a joke with another woman.

That, I thought, is a sexy woman.

A woman wearing religious clothing, returning from her mosque, showing no skin except face and hands, had struck me as sexy.

Sexy women and Muslim men

Sexy women corrupt Muslim men, cause rapes, adultery, insomnia and even riots and earthquakes.

When beautiful women were mixed with religious tensions in Nigeria, the result was bloodshed. Tensions rose when a Nigerian newspaper wrote that Muhammad himself, if alive today, might marry one of the visiting beauty contestants. Immediately, Muslim zealots began a riot, leading to scores dead, hundreds injured and thousands homeless. Fearing for the safety of the contestants, promoters quickly moved the pageant to London.

A senior Iranian cleric said women who wear revealing clothing and behave promiscuously are to blamed for earthquakes.

"Many women who do not dress modestly ... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes," Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi was quoted as saying by Iranian media.

Malaysia's Muslim men are suffering sleepless nights and cannot pray properly because their thoughts are distracted by a growing number of women who wear sexy clothes in public, a prominent cleric said.

School uniform sexy, says group. A Malaysian group condemned the uniform worn by girls in government schools, saying it encouraged rape and pre-marital sex. The white blouse is too transparent and it becomes a source of attraction. – National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia vice president Munirah Bahari said in a statement.

It is not the man's fault, blame the wife.

Indonesian MP watching porn in parliament.

Obedient Wives Club (OWC)

So, in order to maintain a harmonious family and to keep the husbands from going astray, Muslim groups in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia formed the Obedient Wives Club. They want to teach the wife the skills of the best prostitute.

Here are what some group leaders/members said:

“The secret to a blissful marriage: the wife should obey her husband and ensure he is sexually satisfied.”

"A wife has to be 100 percent obedient to her husband in all aspects, especially in sexual treatment."

“Wives must go beyond the traditional roles as good cooks or good mothers and learn to obey, serve and entertain their husbands to prevent them from straying or misbehaving.”

Here is a video on fellatio recommended for members of the Club - practising on a banana and then performing on a man's penis.

June 11, 2011

Why men love prostitutes

Desirable women - prostitutes

Why do married men, even those with beautiful wives, patronize brothels and fuck prostitutes?

Prostitutes with attractive faces ...

There is a Chinese saying – The wife is not as good as the mistress, the mistress is not as good as the prostitute. The prostitute with her amorality and wantonness always has that alluring appeal for many men.

I think one main reason is variety. Suppose a man married at 28, wouldn’t it be boring to have sex with the same woman for 20 - 30 years. The man might still love his wife but probably he would have lost interest in sex with her after say 20 years.

Maybe that is why some men have extramarital affair or one night stand. And some others patronize prostitutes. This is purely commercial. There is no attachment; once the sexual attraction ceases, the relationship ends.

Occasionally, many men would like to take a break from the routine of life and that includes sex. However beautiful the wife is, I think the man would like to try new women. With every new prostitute there is also an element of expectation.

Moreover, prostitutes have skills and techniques wives don’t have and there is no pressure on the man to satisfy her. He can also try out fetishes he would not tell his wife or which his wife would not do.

Another reason is the sexual temptation of attractive women. You look at the photos of the women in this post and I guess you understand what I mean. These women arouse the lust in men and the small head with no brains take control. It is similar to people overcome by strong emotions like anger and jealousy and they become irrational.

Prostitutes in sexy seductive wear ...

Prostitutes in fetish wear - uniform, sexy boots and high heels ...

However, there are many good men who are faithful to their wives. They have the will to resist extramarital affair or prostitutes. Then there are men who don’t patronize prostitutes for various reasons, some of which are - their religions forbid it, they think it is immoral, they are afraid of getting diseases, they are gay or not interested in women.

By the way, prostitution is known as the oldest profession in the world. So, even during ancient times men also sought the services of prostitutes.