May 29, 2005

Sex in Macau 2

Macau – May 2005

Went to Darling 1 Bathhouse in the evening. There were more than 3 dozens women dressed in sexy revealing uniform to choose from. Most were from Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Chose a young woman from Taiwan. She has a pretty face, a nice body and speaks good mandarin. She said she had been trained in the job. She was good but the one I had last December was better in terms of skills and sexual attractiveness.

Macau – May 2005

Went to the renamed sauna at Sintra Hotel. This sauna does not seem to be popular and there were only a few ladies working on that afternoon. Picked a woman from China. She said she has been an erotic dancer before. To prove that she wriggled her naked body on the bed and performed erotic moves like a striptease dancer. While in the bath she said she was trained in the art of fellatio. She used her skills on my penis. Her tongue licked, flicked, twirled and slid round my penis head and shaft. Soon my penis was throbbing with pleasure.

On the bed, had another round of foreplay and fellatio before I entered her – superb.

May 23, 2005

Sex in Hong Kong 2

May 2005 - Hong Kong

Went to explore Fook Kiu Mansion at Tsim Sha Tsui. Started from level 5 and ended at level 2. At the door of each room there was either a ‘Welcome’ sign or a ‘Please Wait’ sign indicating whether the prostitute was available or not. No sign meant that she has not started work yet or was not working on that day. You can press the bell and ask her for the price and at the same time have a look at her face. If you do not wish to patronize her, say a polite excuse and leave. Do not loiter outside the room for too long as she can see you in the close-circuit television in her room.

Called Angel at level 5. She is fair with big breasts, friendly and gave good services.