February 25, 2009

Redlight districts

Keong Siak
These were some brothels in Keong Siak in its splendid years ...

It looks like the vice trade here is dying. In the good old days every now and then you could see prostitutes walking from from one brothel to another along the three roads lined with brothels - Keong Siak, Jiak Chuan and Teck Lim. There were prostitutes of $30. $50, $70 and $100. Then there were men hanging around for hours looking at the prostitutes.

That afternoon, walking along the three roads I only saw four houses with red house numbers which indicates they are brothels.

A landmark coffeeshop in Keong Siak:

Houses with red numbers:

Desker Road
The vice scene here is very pale compared to its glorious past. In those years you could see throngs of people from late afternoon to late at night. There were stalls selling illegal drugs, sex toys and sex video tapes. You could also find young attractive prostitutes here.
That afternoon, there were only a few men and only a few brothels were open, with mostly old and fat women.

Petain Road
A bit better than Desker Road. Still most of the women were old and unattractive.

Some updates on Geylang

Now there are two categories of registered China prostitutes in authorized brothels - $80 and $150.

Below are the names of some China prostitutes I have fucked. All are fair-skinned and provide good service. The only thing is whether you like her face and skills.

Voluptuous, seductive type: Fei Fei, Xiao Wei, Juan Juan
Slim, sexy type: Liza, JJ, Lele

My example of slim sexy type:

and voluptuous seductive type:

February 18, 2009

Ladyboys masturbate

Sexy ladyboys:

I don't fuck ladyboys but I like to look at those who look like women and are sexy and have big cocks.

This one has thick cum.

This one masturbates in a bathtub and ejaculates under water.

Here is a video:

February 11, 2009

Ham Sup 男人天生好色

Men love beautiful women. A beautiful woman makes you want to look as long as you can. A really super sexy or provocatively-dressed woman may tempt you to masturbate or look for a prostitute. I suppose there are some men who don't like women. Some are pretending while some control themselves but I think they also think of women and masturbate.

Lecherous men, young and old ....

The ham sup men at Geylang ...

February 04, 2009

Delicious vulva

The vulva is the external parts of a woman's sex organ. It includes the two cheeks, the lips and the clitoris. The vagina or cunt is the interior part.

You cannot bite or swallow a woman's vulva, but you can kiss and lick it, enjoying its texture and savouring its smell. I ate a vulva a few days ago, not a woman's vulva but an abalone's vulva.

This is a woman's vulva:

These are slices of abalone. See the top one, it looks like the vulva, right? It was delicious.

And at night I went to look for a real woman's vulva.

There are already many posts on the Geylang vice scene in this blog. The situation is still as rousing as ever. Since it has not changed much, I will not write about the scene. It seems that allowing more than a hundred China prostitutes to work in the authorised brothels, the number of China streetwalkers has not gone down.

I think the authorities are also aware that many women come using students passes or work permit passes but work as prostitutes.

This is Lorong 10/Talma Road:

Some prostitutes are very tenacious, holding on to your arm without taking no for an answer:

I found the woman I like here - the woman in the two-piece black outfit in the foreground. I was attracted by her fair flesh. Then I find her face also very sexy. In the hotel room ... her body was seductive with soft tender breasts. Her vulva looks delicious too. And she is only 22 years old.

Young, sexy and with good service too, rare indeed. My cock was as strong as a bull. It was a great fuck, a good start for the year of the cow.

Clean up Geylang?

Some of you, especially the ladies I suppose, might want the Government to clean up the place.

I mentioned before that if the Government wants to clean up the place, it can do it. Possible. But I believe there are other considerations too. For one, it has to think of the sexual needs of thousands of foreign workers here. If they cannot find release, I guess molestation and rape crimes will go up.

Some women complained that they didn't feel safe walking along Lorong 14 at night. Yes, some stupid man might come up and ask you what price, but that means he finds you attractive. Just take it as a compliment. It is safer for a young lady to walk home alone at night along Lorong 14 with prostitutes and men hanging around rather than to walk along a deserted Lorong 14 where no one would hear your scream if someone were to attack you.

If they close down the vice trade in Geylang, then businesses like hotels, eateries and even small ones like handphone and sundry shops too, will suffer. Many people might lose their jobs. There could be more crimes like thefts and robberies.

I think it will also affect tourism. Geylang is a uniquely-Singpore attraction you can't find in another country. And with the Integrated Resorts coming up, Geylang is a complement. While the casinos provide the thrills, Geylang provide the pleasures of the flesh. I think I already have a post something about this too.

So, I feel the Government will keep it at a manageable level, but will not clean it up completely. Although they know it is not effective just patrolling and making arrests, they will keep the pressure on. Not just on the prostitutes, but also other crime elements like the pimps, cigarette pedlars and gambling stall operators. If the police don't keep on harassing them, these people will get more bold. Maybe the Government has other plans up its sleeve.

If the prostitutes are confined to Geylang I think there is no need to worry too much because there will be a saturation point, some sort of economic equilibrium balancing the supply and demand.

For example if there are too few prostitutes to meet demand, more will come. And then if there are more prostitutes, prices will drop. But if the prostitutes cannot earn enough to cover their expenses and debts, most likely they will go home and won't return. Those who earn more are usually those who are attractive and have regular customers and most likely they will come again and again.

Now with millions of people losing their jobs in China, more women might come and try their fortune here.

Not long again I gave a link to the site I Love Geylang (http://ilovegeylang.com/) but now the site is no more there.

There is another site about Geylang but you have to pay. http://geylangredlightdistrict.com/

If you have not seen Sun Tan's naked pictures yet, here are some: