November 29, 2009

Well-endowed women

These are well-endowed women ...

The most prominent anatomy of a woman is the breasts. I am not a breast man as I enjoy women with very small breasts too. But I also like to see well-endowed women and can get aroused by their breasts.

When a well-endowed woman walks past you or walks towards you, your eyes will be attracted to her breasts. You can't help it because they are like two cones sticking out. Most men will look a few seconds longer. A few will avert their eyes. Maybe they think it is sinful or immoral. A few will pretend they are not interested. And there are some who just stare ....

Every man who passed by looked at her breasts. She is sexy too.

This woman is also sexy. Look at her firm and sensuous breasts and notice her black bra strap slipping out to seduce you. I also find the creamy flesh around the armpit very erotic.

She may look like an auntie but this woman's breasts are also very prominent. Your eyes will be attracted to them like steel attracted to a magnet.

A few more nice breasts ...

This man was so mesmerized by the woman's breasts. At the sight of the woman, he just stared unashamedly at her breasts. Then he followed her and kept looking down at her breasts. Probably he went home and masturbated thinking of her breasts.

Actually this woman is just ordinary, quite plain, but her breasts are really something.

November 17, 2009

Body shape and dressing

Look at the side view and back view of these 3 women. Whom do you find attractive and whose face would you like to see?

When a man sees a woman from behind or the side profile of a woman, it is the body shape and clothing that catch his attention first. If he finds the woman sexy he may want to look at her face. So, besides a shapely body, how a woman dresses is important.

Here are some woman I find sexy from the back or the side view ...

These two are prostitutes. I find their dressings sexy and seductive. I have mentioned about the first one before. She has sexy long legs and she lets you play with them. The second one is the foxy type. If you like this type of women, she will make your cock very hard and you will have a very enjoyable fucking session with her.

November 06, 2009

Old porn

Porn literature has existed since ancient times ...

... and there were prostitutes.

Men were also visiting brothels.

This post is not about the history of porn, just a little about porn in Singapore about 10 years ago. Then, magazines of nude women like Hong Kong 97 and a few western magazines were available at some second-hand book stalls.

Broadband connection was not readily available and rather expensive but you could still download short clips and porn pictures.

VCDs like Penthouse could also be bought at VCD shops and backlanes at redlight districts.

A short clip about a man and a prostitute