April 21, 2012

More sexy stars

Safe sex and risky sex

A risky sex act could be one of your last few sex acts. Safe sex could ensure that you have good healthy sex for many years till old age.

Sex with under-aged girl

The discipline master of a secondary school told a male teacher “Their cunts are itchy. What they need is a good fuck.” He was referring to some sec two problematic girls who often caused troubles. Perhaps the principal heard this and he thought he could do it. So the ex-principal is now in trouble.

That remark would apply to the under-aged girl who had sex with a few dozen men. The girl needs to be punished too. Since sex with an under-aged girl is illegal, the transactions are also illegal. The court should confiscate all the fees the girl received. The judge could also give her a good fuck (caning).

That doesn’t mean that the men are victims as one lawyer claimed. I would say the men were foolish. The onus is on them to check the IC of the girl. If they were aware of her age and still carried on, it could mean they thought they would not get caught or probably they have the fetish of having sex with a minor. They deserve punishment.

More sexy stars

劉雅英 Liu Ya Ying - One of the most beautiful

胡錦 Hu Jin – Star with seductive eyes

“波霸” 葉子媚 Ye Zi Mei – The super bosomy star who bought insurance for her breasts

“波聖 ” 葉玉卿 Ye Yu Qing – Star with big breasts

丹娜 Dan Na – Sultry suntanned beauty

Lily Ho

Lily in a movie with Betty, another sexy star ...

Lily – The reluctant striptease dancer

舒淇 Shu Qi – The sex idol of many young men

夏雯 Xia Wen – Queen of lustful facial expressions

April 06, 2012

艷星, 肉彈, 脱星

Sexy stars, Flesh bombs, Strip stars

Some of the actresses in earlier Chinese adult films.

狄娜 Tina
She was every man's dream mistress ...

白小曼 Bai Xiao Man
In this episode she is seducing a doctor.

于倩 Yu Qian

In this film she is a scheming woman who uses her charms on men to get what she wants.

金霏 Jin Fei

In this film, she is a successful career woman seducing a young man looking for a job.

金姬美 Jin Ji Mei
Sexy Korean, she has a thick patch of pubic hair.

岳虹 Yue Hong
Beautiful Taiwanese who also stars in drama serials.

陳萍 Chen Ping

In this story she is a courtesan of an old man who has a fetish for woman’s feet.

楊梵 Yang Fan

In one show she is a wanton woman. Her husband couldn’t satisfy her material and sexual needs. So she uses her body to get them from other men.