September 21, 2007

Geylang Fucks

Free massage
This woman was sitting with two men. Then she started to massage one man's hand right up his arm, oblivious of people around them.

Prostitutes I fucked in recent months

Geylang legal brothels:

Esther, Yumi & Vicky (first time) - All three are friendly, but nothing special about their looks or services.
Vicky has small breasts. Yumi is quite sexy.

Xin Huey – her cock-sucking has improved. First time I ejaculated in her mouth. She continued to suck until I was completely drained. Very enjoyable.

China streetwalkers:
Fucked quite a number of them - Lorongs 8, 10, 14, 16, Talma Road. Most gave good services though their cock-sucking skills were poor. Some had very good acting talents – moaning and uttering arousing noise and words.

This one is from Lorong 21. Good fuck. Quite sexy and experienced but has dark nipples, breasts got made before. Note: better don't go on Sundays. Many hotels are full. Very hard to find parking lot everywhere. Coffee-shops also full-house.

September 11, 2007

Geylang scene in recent weeks

backlane linking lorong 14 & lorong 16

lorong 14

talma road

lorong 18/westerhout road...occasionally the pimp will line up the thai women for show...when police car comes they will hide behind in the house in the lane behind...

this is the house in the backlane behind

backlane between lorong 18 and lorong 20

lorong 20/geylang road

geylang road (lorong 18/lorong 20)

geylang road (lorong 20/lorong 22)

massage joint, lorong 17

lorong 19

lorong 21

carpark at lorong bachok/lorong 21

sims avenue (lorong 13/lorong 15)