December 31, 2004

Sex in Hong Kong

December 2004 - Hong Kong
Went to North Point, Hong Kong to look for a 'one-room-one' prostitute. Took the lift to the third floor of a building and knocked on one of the doors.

The woman was not young, face and body only so-so. She bathed me and performed fellatio on me. I had no desire to have intercourse with her so I asked if I could ejaculate on her body - she said ok; on her face - had to pay extra. I chose the face.

She lay on the bed and I knelt astride her with my hard penis close to her face. I stroked my penis until the warm seminal fluid began to spurt out onto her face, her nose and her lips. Some of it flowed down her face. I was surprised at the abundance of semen. I will always remember this erotic scene.

December 28, 2004

Sex in Macau

December 2004 - Macau
Went to the Sauna in Sintra Hotel. The service ladies wore a sort of fishnet dress over their bodies which were completely naked except for the very brief panties. They looked very erotic with their nipples protruding enticingly from the 'net'. I chose a sexy voluptuous 23-year-old woman from China who would make an excellent model in a bra or breast-enhancement ad.

Service was similar to but better than the body massage in Thailand. When she had stripped, I hugged and played with her body and breasts. I loved to fondle her body. In the bath she used her vulva, breasts, hands, legs, mouth and tongue to tease and stimulate my body paying special attention to my erect penis. The seductive vixen really knows how to play with men. I think no man could resist the temptation. I tried hard not to ejaculate prematurely.

After the bath the love-making and fellatio continued on the bed. Then I entered her in the missionary position. I enjoyed looking at her sexy face and creamy-white body as I unloaded my semen inside her soft warm vagina.Posted by Hello

December 25, 2004

Sex in Zhuhai

December 2004 - Zhuhai.

I enjoyed this 19-year-old woman in Zhuhai. I fondled, stroked and kissed every cm of her milky-white naked body from her sexy face to her slender toes.... Then I parted her vaginal lips and entered her. Watching my rock-hard penis sliding sensually in and out of the vagina of the sexy woman was most aphrodisiac. When I climaxed, the semen burst out and flowed and flowed.