August 27, 2007

Sexy legs and back view

My favourite legs...

This also my favourite.

This woman would look sexier if she wears high heels and shorter skirts.

also better in high heels

August 16, 2007

Unforgettable prostitute 3

Xin (Geylang) - I think she is one of the best cock-suckers I have come across in Geylang. She is fair but her face is not so appealing to me.

She told me she liked to suck men’s cocks. She really treated my cock like a god-sent plaything. She licked the balls, along the side of the shaft, round the rim of the head. She put my erect cock in her mouth until her nose touched my pubic hair and then she slowly drew out. My cock was growing bigger and harder. Wow! Great!!! Her skills were superb.

Then she put saliva on her palm and put her palm under my balls and massaged the balls. It was very arousing. I never experienced other prostitutes do this before. It looked simple but somehow her technique was unique. It is not something you can just watch and follow.

With her skilful mouth, lips, tongue, hands and fingers, my cock always became extra long, extra thick and the head extra big. The heavenly sensation was beyond description. At times I just ejaculated in her mouth when the sensation reached the climax. The first load of sperm shot out in her mouth and she continued sucking and sperm flowed out like a stream…….

I think she worked for less than 2 years.

Some cock-sucking skills that I like

Using the tip of the tongue to stimulate the skin at the underside of the cock head.

Using the lips and tongue to caress and lick round the rim of the cock head and the shaft of the cock.

Using the tongue to lick the underside of the shaft, from the balls slowly up the tip.

Put the cock in the mouth as far as possible and then drawing out slowly. Before that wet the cock with saliva. The mouth should just enclose the cock loosely...

The standard cock-sucking part (moving the mouth up and down the cock) should be done leisurely and with saliva. The woman can increase the speed when she senses that ejaculation is coming.

August 06, 2007

Guides to Prostitutes

These are cheap Hong Kong magazines for men informing them where to look for prostitutes in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau.

Women in Shenzhen massage joints.

Women in Macau saunas.

Prostitutes in Hong Kong.