March 13, 2014

Worshipping beautiful women 2

I mentioned that I often buy magazines because I like the pictures of the women on the covers. I started this 'hobby' when I was a teenager. Sometimes I would use the pictures of these beautiful women as sexual stimulus during masturbation. Occasionally I would use the pictures to caress round my cock head and finally I would shoot my semen on them. 

Sometimes I also watch porn videos during masturbation. Then I would time my ejaculation to coincide with the 'climax' of the porn actress. I love to watch the woman's facial expression.

I have always dreamt of cumming on a live sexy woman's face. My dream came true when I ejaculated on a prostitute's face (see post 'Sex in Hong Kong) but she was not sexy. I like the one where I cummed on the face of a sexy Malay woman in the post 'Erotic cum on face'.

I threw away most of the magazines and pictures after sometime, keeping only my favourites. Here are some of the magazine covers. 

During my teenage years my sister had a school-mate whom I find sexy. Sometimes I thought of her when I masturbated. 

Generally schoolgirls do not appeal to me; many try to act sexy or cute but they do not have sexual attractiveness. I preferred older sexy women or the temptress-type such as the one I mentioned in Boyhood Fantasies.

During those early years I also had a fetish-like interest in woman's panties and women in tight-fitting slacks or shorts showing her bulging vulva.

Another of my boyhood fantasies involves a woman in the history of China. She is Daji, concubine of the Emperor. She was a fox spirit who transformed herself into a an extremely beautiful woman with a delightful vagina and great sexual skills. She was also a very cruel woman who enjoyed torturing people and laughed when they screamed painfully. I think the emperor was aroused by her beauty as well as her cruelty, probably his cock was harder when she saw her doing her cruel acts. 

More about fetish for cruel sexy women in another post.

January 24, 2014

Worshipping beautiful women

Last week I saw the back view of a woman. She looked attractive from behind. I was attracted by her sexy legs and high-heels. I tried to overtake her to see her face. But soon she entered a shop selling women's apparel. So I waited for her to come out. Time passed. I continued waiting. Finally she walked out. Her face was sexy too.

This is the power of beautiful or sexy women on me. I believe there are many men who also worship beautiful women. I will also buy a magazine just because the picture of the woman on its cover is beautiful.

Some women may not have a beautiful face, but I am attracted by other parts of their bodies, most of the time it is the legs.

Then there are women who are neither considered beautiful or sexy but whom I find sexually attractive. It could be that I find a particular feature of her face sexually-arousing. For example, I like the petite woman at the provision shop I mentioned in one of the fantasy posts because I like her nose and nostrils. I could get aroused by her nose. I would love to cum on her nose.

When we were young boys we were attracted to beautiful women, just like we were attracted by other beautiful things. Maybe there was no link to sex or there was no sexual thought or arousal. Just that the women were beautiful. As I mentioned before when I was in primary two, I found my teacher beautiful and liked to look at her. Woman's beauty!

At a young age our cocks can also get hard, but I think it was a natural thing due to physical factors, not sexual thoughts. When I was a young lad, a woman helper for my family sometimes helped to bathe me. I remember my cock sometimes got hard and stuck out from my body.

Only when we reach puberty and sperm is produced that we look at women with a sexual view. That is when we start to like beautiful or sexy women. And we masturbate.

Faces that I find sexy ...


Tempting breasts ...

Erotic hair ... 

Facial expressions ...

Beautiful women! 
God's greatest creation! 
Tempting breasts and sexy legs
Seductive hair and mesmerizing vagina 
Man inevitably succumb to her sexuality and beauty 
His greatest pleasure is for the deepest penetration 
and ejaculation!