September 20, 2020

Geylang brothels, Online Prostitutes and Desirable Women

Geylang very quiet, brothels still closed ...

Masked-up streetwalkers in China ...

This woman’s navel looks like a mini vagina.

Online Prostitutes

I have been looking at a few websites offering sex services. I think now some have been blocked by the authorities. Don’t believe everything the administrators say or the comments. Give them 50% discount and you may not be disappointed. For age you can add another 5 years.Then it seems every prostitute has a large spacious room. I don’t believe that. There are also hygiene issues.

Moreover, don’t be complacent about Covid-19. A cluster could be formed if one of the customer had it.

I came across a few that look quite sexually-attractive, just by their photos.

Desirable Women

Would you like this woman do a handjob for you ...

Would you like to fuck this woman ...

September 05, 2020

Masked-up women

 Women wearing masks

Some plain-looking or ugly women look better with masks on so that you can see only their eyes.

Online prostitutes

Which one would you choose

August 04, 2020

Sex dolls

Brothels in Geylang, Lorong 16, 18 and 20 and Westerhout Road are still close.

Sex dolls

With all authorized brothels closed in the past few months, there is a rise in the sale of sex toys and sex dolls. Life-size dolls are rather expensive, heavy and  cumbersome and also difficult to hide.

You can make her wear a mask with the face of the pornstar or woman you wish to fuck.

Smaller dolls...