February 04, 2015

Fantasy : Sexy Maid

I was in my early adolescence with a strong interest in beautiful women. I became aware of the power of sexy women on me.

One day my sister sent her young kids to stay with us for a week. Her maid came along to look after the kids. The maid was Indonesian – medium height, slim and to me she was sexy. I wondered if my sister's husband was interested in her or not. Certainly I was.

On the second day I saw her come out from the bathroom. She put her used clothing in the laundry basket. Then she went into her room and closed the door. I quickly went to look at the laundry basket. I saw her bras and panties. I took the bras and sniffed the cups. It was warm. Then I took her sexy panties and looked at the patch that covered her cunt. It was wet. I sniffed the wet part. It was arousing. The smell of her cunt! My cock was responding.

I took her panties into my room and closed the door. Then I started to masturbate while sniffing her panties and thinking of her. When I was about to cum I used her panties to caress my cock. I shot my cum on her panties. Later I put back the panties into the laundry basket after removing some of the cum.

The next day I watched out for her going to take her bath. She took her bath. After that she again put her clothing in the laundry basket and then went into her room.

Like yesterday, I went to the laundry basket to look for her panties. There it was, a black lacy panties. Then I held it up to sniff.

Suddenly, a voice called out “What are you doing with my panties?” It was the maid.

I was embarrassed. "You panties looked sexy, so I took a look,” I said.

"I saw you sniffing my panties. You like my cunt smell?” She said.

She saw the bulge in my shorts, the outline of a stiff cock. “So, I see, the sticky stuff on my panties yesterday came from your cock,” there was a wicked smile on her face. My cock was getting harder.

"Yes, I like the smell of your panties. Please don't tell my sister,” I said.

"OK, I won't tell your sister but I will punish you,” she said. “Come to my room.”

I was only too glad to follow her to her room. She closed the door. “Your punishment is to lick my cunt.” She sat on the bed and start to remove her clothes. "Take off all your clothes and kneel in front of me,” she commanded.

I did what she ordered. My cock was hard and pre-cum appeared at my cock hole. Then she removed her panties, the last piece of clothing on her body, and threw it to me. “Sniff it now,” she said.

I was kneeling and sniffing her panties while she watched me with a triumphant smile on her sexy face. Both of us were completely naked now. Then pre-cum started to drip from my rock-hard thick cock. She was staring at my cock. Soon she was fingering her cunt lips, the clitoris and vagina. Her fingers seemed to be caressing her clitoris in a circular motion. Her eyes were in slits now. Her nostrils were flaring, a sign she was aroused.

Come and lick my cunt,” she said.

I moved over and knelt between her legs. She pushed my head to her cunt. “Lick!” she ordered.

I loved the smell of her cunt. It was wet with her juice. I licked the juice on her cunt lips. It tasted starchy. She pulled the lips a little and there was her clitoris. I licked every part of her cunt.

As I licked she gave occasional instructions: 'Yes, lick there' 'faster' 'up a little' 'push your tongue in'. She was moaning and enjoying the pleasures I was giving her.

After several minutes she seemed to reach a climax. The muscles around the cunt seemed to be tense. Then the muscles relaxed and there was a flow of vagina juice into my mouth and onto the floor.

Then she ordered me to masturbate. “I want to see how much cum you have,” she said.

My cock head was already soaked with pre-cum. I would love to masturbate in front of her. I used the pre-cum to stroke my cock. I caressed different parts of my cock – the shaft, the rim, the underside of the foreskin, the testicles.

When I was about to cum, I aimed my cock at her face. Then I began to ejaculate. “Nora,” I said, “all this cum is for you.” A stream of cum shot up but couldn't reach her face. I continued stroking. There were six or seven spurts and a pool of cum formed on the floor.

It was one of the greatest masturbation sessions I had. With a live woman seducing you, the pleasure was ten times more than masturbating on your own.

Wow! So much cum; you just masturbated yesterday, right? Be a good boy, don't masturbate for three days; then I want to see you cum again.”

December 05, 2014


December 2014 is this blog's 10th anniversary. In the blink of an eye, 10 years have passed. It is now a decade old. I think for a blog to last for years, your subject must be of great interest to yourself. Even if very few people visit your blog, your own passion is enough to keep it going.

My passion is women.

The first prostitute I fucked in Zhuhai, 10 years ago, is now 29 years old. I still remember I saw her walking along Lian Hua road with another woman and I was attracted by her instantly. She was young and very fair. She had little sexual skill and experience but I enjoyed her body and fucking her alot. Unfortunately I didn't meet her during my return trips to Zhuhai.

In Macau I had several body massages but the one I remember involved a a very skillful sexy China woman who made me cum while we were in the bathtub. 

This woman was in a Macau brothel. I would love to fuck her again. She was not beautiful but fucking her gave me great pleasure and a very satisfying climax. I think one reason was her vagina which accommodated my penis comfortably; another reason was her attitude which was to make a man and his cock happy.

Two sexy prostitutes I enjoyed in Hong kong. The photos were from 141 website. 

During the last five years I fucked many China prostitutes in Geylang, streetwalkers as well as those in the authorized brothels, but very few Malaysian prostitutes. In the last two years I rarely patronize the streetwalkers.

Most of the memorable prostitutes were from the brothels. There are a few unforgettable ones including those from Malaysia; I have written posts about some of them. There are two more I intent to write about later.

Some of my favourites China streetwalkers.

Sexy and seductive ...

Beautiful face ...

Temptresses ...

Attractive legs ...

Some of my favourite China prostitutes in the authorized brothels.

Sexy and accommodating ...

Long sexy legs ...

Uniform, sexy leg-wear and high-heels specialist ...

Malaysian, the one I mentioned about sweaty body eroticism ...

I cummed on her face ...

Wishing myself many more years ...

October 07, 2014

Panties fetish


The Thai PM said tourists who are beautiful should not wear bikini as it is not safe to do so; only ugly women can wear bikini.

Bangkok is an immoral city. The are a lot of illegal, criminal or immoral activities. If you are willing to pay, you can buy fake passports, hire professional killers, pay money for women to make babies for you, have sex with very young girls. Then there are thousands of prostitutes ......

The Thai PM should spend more time and effort to deal with all these problems instead of trying to catch people saying unfavourable things about the King.  

Panties fetish

Many young men have an interest in women's panties. The panties is the most intimate piece of garment of a woman. It covers the vagina. For some men it becomes a fetish, some mild and some obsessive. If the men become too obsessed with panties, they might not be able to control themselves and they go and steal women's used unwashed panties. However, I think most men will grow out of the fetish when they grow older and have had regular sex with women.

When I was a teenager I was also interested in women's panties. I looked out for them when I was at departmental stores. Once, for a couple of weeks, my sister's children stayed with us. Her maid, who was not ugly, came too. A few times I looked for her unwashed panties in the laundry basket. I had a fantasy about her. More about it in another post.

I also loved to watch striptease shows and would get very aroused when the strippers teased the men with her panties. The stripper would manipulate her panties to reveal some pubic hair or a fleeting view of the cunt or put her hand inside her panties to finger her cunt. All the men's eyes would be converged on the her panties trying to get a glimpse of her cunt hole. My cock head would be wet with semen.

Later when I called prostitutes I would help to strip their panties and sniffed at them. Once I bought 3 pair of panties for my favourite Malaysian prostitute.

Recently I had a China prostitute from a brothel. She removed her dress herself while I removed her bras and panties. I sniffed the inside of her bras. It had a pleasant warm smell. There was a sticky discharge on her panties. I sniffed her panties. It had a stimulating starchy-leafy smell.

While fucking her I casually asked if I could cum on her face. She said only on the lower part – the lips and chin. I would like to cum on her nose; anyway I decided to cum on her nipples because they were tempting.

Last week I had another China prostitute. She looks a bit like the TV actress, Lai Yi-ling. Even her character is similar to Lai's. I told her about men having a fetish for panties and she asked me if I had interest in her panties. I pulled her down on the bed and removed her panties. It looked a bit wet. She laughed and asked if I wanted to smell it. Her provocative behaviour made my cock hard and wet.

I would love to sniff these women's panties ...