October 25, 2009

Beautiful prostitutes

First, a bit more about the Geylang China prostitutes.

I mentioned in the previous post that it is not easy for the Geylang registered prostitutes to meet their targets. But I heard that some have already met their targets (from their earnings and tips) and a few have stopped working. It seems quite a number of Singapore men have a weak spot for beautiful China women.

Remember I mentioned one Lulu with long beautiful sexy legs. I have called her twice but she has stopped working because, according to another prostitute, a customer gave her a large sum of money to return home.

Some prostitutes that I enjoyed recently - Moon (fleshy foxy type), Fei Fei 2 (beautiful face), Jiao Jiao (sexy type). Some older prostitutes that I still like - Lele, Sakura, Shirley 1, Shun Zi, Joanne, Vicky.

There were very few streetwalkers. Night, I saw a few (3 or less) at Lorong 28, Lorong 14, Lorong 17 (around Bright Star Hotel), Lorong 21, Geylang Road (between Lorong 21 and 23). Here are two streetwalkers opposite the Lorong 20 coffee-shop at about 4am in the morning:

Beautiful prostitutes, sexy bodies

Occasionally I look at the women at the prostitutes websites. Recently there were some young sexy women. If they were in Geylang they would be in the $200 category. However, the real woman may not match up to the photo. For example they might be older.

I think she looks a bit like Jolin Tsai.

Although you cannot see the faces, their bodies are very sexy. But the photos and the actual prostitute may not be the same person. Another prostitute may use the room when the one in the photo is on leave.

October 14, 2009

Uniquely Singapore - Prostitution

Uniquely Singapore

Singapore allows women from Malaysia, Thailand and China to work here as prostitutes. In order to control the spread of STDs and AIDS, the women have to go for health talks and health check-up including blood test regularly. And with the threat of H1N1 in the past months, the women had to take their temperatures before they could start work for the day.

In some countries prostitution is illegal but in reality prostitution is thriving and is controlled by secret societies and gangs. But in Singapore, the brothels operate with permission of the authorities. You don’t have to worry about being threatened, harassed or fleeced.

The risk of men getting STDs from the women is also not high. No need to ask the women ‘don’t use condom can or not’. Cannot. It is compulsory!

All this is uniquely Singapore.

However, if you are a tourist brought to a Geylang brothel by a taxi-driver, the brothel owner will charge you more. If you go alone, I think some brothel owners will still charge you more. If a ‘friend’ brings you there, it depends on whether the ‘friend’ has make arrangements with the brothel for kickback. They could also introduce to you a prostitute in the $100 category and tells you she is $200. They will tell the prostitute to say she is $200 but she will not get any extra money.

Registered China prostitutes in Geylang

The influx of China women (both in the $150 and $80 categories) in the authorized brothels is affecting the earnings of the Malaysian prostitutes. A number of prostitutes in the $150 category have not returned to work and I was told some in the $80 category have moved to Jalan Besar. The China women are generally younger and fairer.

In several brothels the number of China prostitutes is more than 10 and increasing. A brothel-keeper said 20 is the maximum for a brothel. This is good news for the men because they have new women to try but bad for the women themselves. Even those prostitutes with regular customers will find their men also want to try the new prostitutes.

With more China prostitutes in the authorized brothels and fewer on the street, many men who used to call the China streetwalkers are going for the registered prostitutes now. All this means good business for the brothel owners.

Some of the prostitutes I spoke to have set their own targets – S$20,000, S$50,000, S$100,000 ... Some just want to earn a tidy sum and go home to do some small business, to buy a house or a better life for the family. If the brothels continue to take in more women, it would be more difficult for them to reach their targets. Most of them don't intend to stay for two years. In fact, some of those with poor business have left after a few weeks or even just a few days .

One brothel owner has moved to bigger premises with more rooms. A few have renovated or are renovating their premises. A brothel owner said the AV authority may allow several more brothels to be opened. Doesn’t all this mean business is expected to improve.

One reason for their optimism is the opening of the Integrated Resorts in the near future. More tourists are expected and some of them who have heard much about Geylang might want to try the prostitutes. Some gamblers might come over to Geylang for pleasures of women after their thrills at the casinos.

The Streetwalkers

The police are still industriously patrolling the streets and catching the streetwalkers. I think the authorities want to clear up the streets before the IRs open. When the police take a break some prostitutes will come out and try to get some business. There are more of them between 4am and 6am.

I love the prostitutes and I empathize with them, but I do not wish to see hordes of them on the streets. First, it gives a bad image of our Country. Second, if the police are not strict, more will be encouraged to come. Then, there will be more gambling stalls and more peddlers of sex drugs and cigarettes.

I have also seen an officer grabbing a woman by the hair. It doesn't look right for a man to do that, I thought. Later I saw a young woman dashing across the busy road to escape. Luckily she didn't get killed. I realized that some of the women can be very fierce. And you cannot grab their bodies. If you try to grab their hands, the desperate ones might scratch or bite you. So, I suppose grabbing the hair is a way of restraining them.

Actually some women are not afraid of being arrested. One of them told me it was ok for her. She won't be jailed and she knows she won't be abused at the police station. She might even be allowed to walk the street for a few more days before being sent home.

October 04, 2009

Pubic hair

A shaved cunt

Pubic hair gives the vulva its eroticism and mystique. I love cunts with hair and not bald or shaved cunts. Black cunt hair on a fair sexy woman is most erotic. I think most men like cunts to have some hair. Furthermore, when you kiss the cunt, you have the sensuous feeling of cunt hair brushing against your lips and face.

Beautiful women beautiful cunts .....


Hairy cunts are okay if the hair is neat and the women are beautiful. Unkempt excessive pubic hair spoils the beauty of the vulva.

Beautiful women hairy cunts .....


Unattractive hairy cunt with dark coarse lips

Unattractive cunts with excessive hair .....


A prostitute’s cunt is generally clean and free of foul odour because she washes it often. But a cunt with some cunt smell is more arousing – a warm starchy smell instead of the smell of soap. The smell of women.

This cunt is hairy but I find it attractive. It would be very stimulating to put your face there licking the cunt opening, smelling the cunt juice and being caressed by the cunt hair.