August 27, 2010

sexy snapshots

women showing off their legs ...

look at their seductive bra straps ...

sexy women ...

This woman is not very beautiful but she oozes sexuality. I could see a lot of men were interested in her. Their eyes were following her all the time.

dressing that attracts your attention ...

You could see a bit through her white clothing.

Probably these women are models.

A sexy woman scratching her armpit.

Thai woman showing off her hot butts.

August 18, 2010

Old cow eats tender grass

A strong old cow ...

Old cow eats tender grass is a Chinese saying for older men, around 50 or older, wooing younger women in the early twenties or younger. This phrase can also refer to old husbands and young wives.

Here are a few famous old cows – a renowned physicist, an actor in old Chinese movies and a local celebrity. The physicist is very old while the local celebrity is not that old by today’s standard.

age difference 54 years ...

age difference 47 years ...

age difference 32 years ...

Old cows at Geylang

The pictures below were taken at Geylang. I have posted them before. I have also seen other sites using these and other pictures from this blog. There are quite a number of old cows at the Geylang coffee-shops but their grass are not very tender. I think these men prefer the riper grass, not the tender ones or the hard and dry ones. The riper grass are more mature and have their own flavour and taste. Some may like their companionship and just chitchat with them at the coffee-shops. Some others may go to the hotels to be more intimate but they may not have sex.

Those old cows who want to taste tender grass go to the brothels. There they can play with soft tender flesh of fair sexy women and fuck their warm tender cunts.

I mentioned in another post that I saw a 80-year old cow a few times at a brothel. His grass were those in the 30s or 40s. But I have not seen him for quite some time, probably because there were no more such grass in Geylang. Maybe he has gone to Jalan Besar or has been picking up streetwalkers. Or he masturbates at home.

old man enjoying young woman

old cow admires black tender grass

old cock about to enter tender hole ...

August 10, 2010

Geylang brothels round-up

A quiz - What phrase would you use to describe these pictures? Phrase can be in English or Chinese.

See next post for answer

Geylang brothels round-up

This post is based on observation from my own look-arounds.

In an earlier post I mentioned that some brothels were under renovation and there were new ones preparing their premises for opening. Most of them are in business already. Most of the brothels are in Lorong 16,18, 20 and Westerhout Road. There are a few at Lorong 6, 8, 10, 14, off Lorong 24, Lorong 28 and 30.

Two of the 'new' ones ...

Brothels with Thai women ...

Some of the brothels with fanciful names ...

If you look at the cars parked at the brothels and along the road, business is good ...

Now there are not many Malaysian prostitutes left in Geylang. Most of the brothels have China prostitutes.

The Malaysians used to wear dresses that made them look like nightclub hostesses.

Many of the China women wear mini pants or skirts that show off their legs and skimpy pieces that expose a lot of flesh.

For the China and Malaysian women, there are two categories - $80 (30 min)and $150 (45 min to 1 h). In some brothels the $80 China women will charge $100 for 45 min. There is one brothel which has China women in the $150 category. However, you will be charged $100 for 30 minutes (for in-house service only).

August 02, 2010

Body Massage Highlights

Is this in Shenzhen or Dongguan?

What is this place ... Chinese poetry appreciation club?
See next post.

Body massage