October 20, 2010

Sexy womanly actions

Below are some non-sexual actions which women make and which men would be delighted to watch. Some men might get arouse by them.

1. Crossing and Uncrossing legs.

You might even get a glimpse of panties.

2. Raising arms

Raising the hands to caress the hair is very womanly action.
Men who like woman's armpits like to see women raise their arms.

3. Adjusting the strap/hooks of a dress or bras.

4. Eating/licking ice-cream and bananas.

5. Removing/putting on high-heels.

6. Walking with a sexy gait.

7. Raising herself on her toes.

You can see the muscles on her legs tightening.

8. Squatting down action with legs slightly apart.

Like lowering herself onto the toilet bowl, you can also see muscles at work.

9. Pulling at the edge of a short skirt or pants.

10. Scratching crotch, buttocks, armpits ...

October 08, 2010

Panties temptation

Updated (17 October) : Just came across a post 'Used panty fetish' by a lady who said she wouldn't mind selling hers.

Look at these headlines:

Man Stole Over 8,000 Panties, Etc.

Serial underwear thief arrested

Prof admits to stealing hostelite’s undies.

Irresistible panties

A MAN with an obsession for women's underwear had collected more than 200 panties, 15 brassieres, five camisoles plus a few other stolen items, when police raided his flat.

The Malaysian factory worker targeted his neighbourhood in Choa Chu Kang to satisfy his perverse desires. Police found out that he was a panty raider only when they went to his flat a day after he was arrested for snatch theft.

At first I thought males who are obsessed with woman’s panties are younger men. But the first two headlines above are of two elderly Japanese men who stole woman’s panties and other undergarments.

In your boyhood probably the two parts of a woman’s body that attract you most are the bulging breasts and crotch.
But these parts are covered by bras and panties. This could be a reason why young men become interested in bras and panties.

I think most men with panties fetish will outgrow from it as they grow up. They will find that a woman's body gives them more pleasures.

Once I had a temptress prostitute who stripped naked except for her lacy panties. She lay on the bed with pubic hair straying out from her panties and she used her toes to tease my nipples. How to resist her. Women!

Some sexy panties ...