July 26, 2011

Masturbation and Handjob

The coffee-shop at the corner of Lorong 20, Geylang, has closed as its lease has expired. Some men were standing around, probably waiting for the streetwalkers to come.

Prostitutes in the Geylang brothels dress sexily or skimpily ...

However, they have to cover up when they go outside ...

Masturbation and Hand-job

Ejaculation helps you to release tension and to relax. You will feel happy too. But it should not be done too often. Do it according to your sexual need or when there is a strong sexual urge. Just as regular exercise benefits us, I think the regular release of sperm also benefits us.

You can masturbate, fuck a woman or let the woman do a handjob for you. By the way, you can also masturbate using aids like cream, lotion, fruit, feathers and others.

Recently, I had two masturbations, one self-masturbation and one by a prostitute.

Self masturbation

I was looking at some pictures of sexy women and then watched a short adult video clip (not the dull porno hardcore yawn). I was aroused by the sexy woman and her naked body. My cock was erect and I was stroking it. A lot of semen seeped out and I used it to caress my cock head. In such a situation usually I would hold back the ejaculaton with the intention of fucking a prostitute later.

However, that day I decided to let the sperm come out. Before that I placed the above picture on the floor in front of the chair on which I was sitting so that the picture was below my cock. I stroke my cock until I climaxed as I watched the woman’s erotic facial expressions. The semen shot out and most landed on the picture.

Handjob by prostitute.

She is one of my China regulars. She is very good at playing with man’s cock. Even before I undress she would tickle my cock through my trousers. As she removes my underwear she would spend time slowly stroking my cock and she would be delighted seeing my cock quickly hardening with her handiwork.

But I have never let her play with my cock until ejaculation. That day I decided to let her do just that. In the final stage she sat between my legs while I lay on the bed. She put lubricant on my cock and then used one hand to stroke the shaft. She used the other hand to tickle my testicles.

When I was about to cum I told her to increase the speed of her stroking action. Soon the first shot of semen came out followed by several more shots. Her hands were covered with my gooey cum. My cock was very happy. She was also happy to see me cum.

July 14, 2011

Attractive legs and Geylang streetwalkers

Geylang streetwalker scene - July

At night about 1.00am - There were streetwalkers at these Lorongs on the East side - 28, 30, 29 and 31. At the West side there were streetwalkers at Lorong 20, 21, 14, 12, Talma Road, behind Bright Star hotel at Lorong 17, Geylang Road (between Lorong 21 and 23).

This woman in pink has been around for many months already. She has a fair shapely body with an ample bosom.

Afternoon - Lorong 20 coffee-shop

I do see police patrol cars doing their rounds in Geylang. I believe it is quite a regular thing. That Sunday afternoon I also saw a police patrol car cruising along the Lorongs. There were a few streetwalkers at junction of Talma Road/Lorong 14. However, the area around this Lorong 20 coffee-shop was still popular with the older streetwalkers.

This woman has fair sexy legs ...

Drinking beer ...

Attractive legs

This pair belongs to one of the streetwalkers.

Her high heels are sexy too.

There were two attractive young women clearing tables at a food centre. Here is one of them.