March 28, 2005

The Temptress again

Went to look for the Temptress. Saw her outside Hotel 6 at about 2.30pm. She wore a figure-hugging blouse and a tight mini skirt, all of which to accentuated the curves at her bosom and buttocks.

Soon she was naked on the bed. I played with her firm well-rounded breasts and nipples which protruded about 2cm and stiffened readily with foreplay. As before I enjoyed the lustful expressions on her face. I would like to ejaculate on her face especially her nose. I ejaculated before I could ask her.

March 26, 2005

New Prostitute 1

Went to my regular brothel.

Three of my favourites prostitutes are East, Bonnie and Queenie. All three are slim-built with small breasts. Queenie looks sexy with her fair skin, bleached yellowish-brown hair, decorated finger nails and a tattoo on her back just below her neck. East is attractive and has excellent fellatio skills but she performs her fellatio in a rather mechanical way. Bonnie is pleasant, affable and accommodating.

Queenie and Bonnie have not returned from their one month compulsory leave. Anyway Queenie rarely works even if she is back and she seldom starts work early. On the other hand, Bonnie does not absent herself from work unnecessarily and she is usually at her work-place by 1.30pm.

The best fellatio I have came from Jia Sin. She has superb skills and she seemed to enjoy it. But I don’t find her attractive.

The hot favourites; like Jaguar, Susan and San San, somehow are not my favourites. Not that they are no good. Put it this way:- One man’s delicacy is another man’s plain rice.

The brothel keeper told me there were three new arrivals. I tried one by the name of Carol. She has big breasts and she gives good service. Had a good time with her. She may be new in Geylang but is not new in the trade.

March 19, 2005

China Prostitute 5

At about 1.30am there were quite a number of China prostitutes along the pavement opposite Fragrance Hotel in Lorong 14 and opposite Wing Fong Mansions in Talma Road. I chose a busty sexy woman with dyed light-brown hair. She was in a black dress which contrasted sharply with her white skin .

During sexual intercourse her vagina muscles tightened on and off and I felt her vagina gripping my penis. It was very pleasurable. The sexual intercourse took longer than usual, and during ejaculation the sensation lasted longer and the volume of semen was also higher.

March 06, 2005

A Temptress

It was about 2pm in the blazing afternoon sun. There were five young women at the front of Hotel 6 facing Lorong 6, Geylang. Two of them who were standing together caught my attention. Both were attractive - I picked the one with a sexy smile showing her white beautiful teeth. She is a 22-year-old slim sensuous woman from Funan. Her face reminded me of a sexy Japanese pop-star.

In the room she became a licentious temptress stripping off her clothes but leaving her lacy white panties on. Some pubic hair spilled out teasingly at the edges of her panties. It was very erotic.

She then lay on the bed and wriggled her body seductively. Then she used her toes to tease my nipples. I was so aroused that I grabbed her and caressed her body. I kissed and licked her groin area. Then I removed her panties and buried my head in her crotch.

Sex with this vamp was an orgasmic experience. She faked ecstasies but it produced the desired effect on me. With her head slightly tilted backwards, she was groaning and moaning and I love to watch her facial expressions particularly her nostrils flaring, expanding and contracting. I find a woman’s nose has a lot to do with her beauty and sensuousness. I love noses and nostrils of certain shapes. I think women with noses that are big, flat, or thin are not attractive.