October 11, 2013

Porn before the internet

Another upskirt maniac 

The nostalgic yellow-culture years

In the 50s and 60s  yellow culture in Hong Kong was pervasive. It spawned a yellow-culture industry. There were 'fishball girls', 'shoe-polish girls', striptease shows, nude photography, 'movie companions', 'hair films', and others.  

Sex bombs in erotic film ...

Porn magazines ...

'hair films' - you can see woman's pubic hair ...

The fishball girls performed handjobs. They were called fishball girls as the handjob actions are similar to those of making fishballs. 

The shoe-polish girls bent down to polish your shoes. They wore low-cut dresses, so you had the thrills of seeing their breasts and nipples. 

As long as you paid the fees for nude photography, you could ogle at nude women even if you didn't have a camera. Movie companions loitered at the cinema trying to entice men to bring them into the cinema where the men could grope their bodies.

There were also bars, massage joints and brothels.


I think Singapore also had its yellow-culture era during this period. Many older Singaporean men would feel nostalgic and have fond memories of those days. Newspapers with pictures of seductive nude women or advertisements for sexy shows were not uncommon. You could also buy pornographic books, photos and magazines quite easily. Sometimes there were 'erotic films' at the cinemas.

Then there were the occasional striptease shows. One of the places they performed at was the New World Amusement Park. Rose Chan was the most famous stripper in those years. There were also “young girls dance revues” (少女艳舞团). Some of them had very sexy strippers. 

As the stripper seductively gyrated her body and peeled off her clothing piece by piece, many cocks were dripping with cum. And when she teased the men with her cunt hair and finally removed her panties, many men would be cumming in their pants.

I wondered if men could book the strippers to sit with them or if the strippers were available for sex after the show. I guess many men would love to fuck some of the strippers.


For 'Ah Kua' or transvestites, you could go to Bugis Street or Rochore Road. Bugis Street used to attract crowds of tourists. Many of the transvestites at Bugis were gorgeous while those at Rochore Road were older. Some daring trans would caress your bulging crotch.

A ladyboy ...

Redlight areas

Keong Saik Road was the place to watch prostitutes. Groups of men would gather at certain spots to ogle at the prostitutes walking from one joint to another. It was hard to get the popular prostitutes; sometimes you had to wait for hours. At present I think there are only 4 brothels left.


Desker Road was another lively red-light area. From early evening to late into the night, there were throngs of people at the backlane. There were also pedlars selling sex toys, pornograhic tapes, sex pills and medicine. Young and sexy prostitutes would charge $15 for a session.

Then there were the Geylang brothels with Malaysian prostitutes.