September 17, 2008

Some pictures

Feast for your eyes .....

Hooking up .....

September 11, 2008

Sundays are always crowded

Last Sunday, about 11am

I was quite surprised that Lorong 12, Lorong 14 and Talma were full of cars. All the parking lots as well as sides with yellow lines were packed. A few cars were anyhow parked causing inconvenience to motorists driving through.

How come so many cars on Sunday morning? There were only a few prostitutes around, the entertainment outlets were closed and there were no casino stalls operating.

Later I found out that there were 2 possible reasons:

1. Some people checked in at nearby hotels late on Saturday night, stayed overnight and checked out around 12 noon the next day. They parked their cars along the road as parking is free on Sunday and traffic wardens would also not be around to check on illegal parking.

2. The mosque at Lorong 12 was having a prayer session from 10 to 12.

Two of the early birds. This woman in white has a sexy body, well-shaped medium-size breasts with brownish nipples and quite big areola. And flat tummy.

Lorong 20 coffee-shop
This place in the photos (also taken last Sunday) is opposite the coffee-shop at Lorong 20, Geylang Road. Quite a number of prostitutes gather here from morning till late afternoon. The shop behind them only opens for business in the evening. These women are the older ones.

Once I called a sexy woman in her upper twenties here. I thought she was from China and she spoke Chinese but it turned out she was Vietnamese.