May 30, 2007

May 2007

See this group of China prostitutes gathered here under the blazing hot afternoon sun. Quite pitiful, I think their business is not good. The woman in the second picture was very hard-working, approaching almost every man that passed by.

It must be a hard life for them back home. According to the news China has a glut of university graduates – many graduates unemployed or doing menial work.

Actually I treat prostitutes well. I don’t make demands and generally I give the China prostitutes extra $10 - $20. I don’t believe what some people say about ‘spoiling the market’. I think these people are just unwilling to tip which is ok if they don’t want to. But if you are happy with them and you have some extra cash I think you can give them some tips.

In recent months I have not come across anyone that ask for tips. I think they understands that it is voluntary and not every customer gives them tips even if their service is good.

I got this woman’s number the other week. So called her one evening and booked a room in Starlight Hotel to wait for her. Soon she came, still wearing the white outfit but without the cap. Sexy, fleshy voluptuous type and experienced, also good at cock-sucking. Also let me play with her body. Will call her again.

Geylang prostitutes

These 2 months I fucked more China prostitutes than Geylang ones.

Tried this new prostitute Xin Hui. She has a sexy face, slim and good service.
Also called Bai Xue again. Still good but a bit plump.

May 11, 2007

Recent Fucks

Prostitutes I fucked recently.

1. Geylang prostitutes

Ivy – first time, verdict: small-sized, fair, friendly but not compatible with me.

Blue Diamond – although she has been working for about 6 years, this was only the second time I fucked her. My verdict: fair, friendly, excellent cock-sucking skills, good fuck.

AC – I still find her cock-sucking during the bathing session erotic. She was squatting, face tilted up sucking my cock. My hard warm cock against her fair sexy face was very aphrodisiac. Her tongue licked my throbbing shaft from the base to the tip. Another of her specialty – I was on my knees and she went between my legs and sucked my cock from below.

2. China prostitutes

I fucked this one standing near the motorcycle. She has long wavy hair and is one of the fairest I ever saw. I especially love her slim sexy legs.

This one is fair and sexy, face also attractive and very good on the bed. Another temptress. She lay naked on the bed, wriggled her sensual body and used her toes to tease my nipples and cock. A great fuck.

I didn't fuck these. They look sexy. This one is as fair as the first one I fucked. Again I love her legs. But her face is not so appealing to me.

Here are some chubby ones.

May 01, 2007

Geylang Night Scene

Small talk

Fucked one fair 22-year-old prostitute from Shenzhen. Finished a bit early and had some small talk …….

Got do 7/8 customers today or not?

No, too many girls. Police very strict, come often. 4 or 5 very good already.

Police strict is a good thing. If not more will come, then got traffic jam. Girls also go to residential areas, people complain. Other problems also come like criminal activity and STD.

But hard to get customers.

If police not strict, more girls come, harder for you also, price also drop. I think our gahment very smart. They don’t want too many but also don’t want to ban you all completely. They want the situation under control. But if they want to be more strict also can.

They can restrict girls from coming?

No. How? Very difficult, some come to visit friends, or as tourists, students and…cannot stop them. Police got ways if they want.

Hmm, maybe you are right.

First time you here? What you do in Shenzhen?

I work in night-club in SZ. First time here - stand for hours and my skin got dark. See how my business, if no good I won’t come again.

Night scenes

The night scene was still very rousing at 2am with a lot of prostitutes in the core red-light zone (Lorongs 8, 10, 12, 14 and Talma Road).

Lorong 14.......

Talma Road.......

Talma Road.......

Talma Road (Indonesians)...

Talma Road.......