December 27, 2006

December 2006

Geylang prostitutes

This month I fucked Joyce, Viko and Benz. Joyce did not appeal to me. This was the third time I fucked Viko; her cock-sucking skills has improved. I find Benz fair and attractive.

Benz, I liked the way she tossed herself backwards naked on the bed with hands above her head. Then I started kissing her hand all the way down her arm to armpit. The warm womanly smell of the armpit was very arousing. Next I kissed the side of her breast and moved upwards to her nipple. After that I started with the other side. Then came the abdomen, the feet right down to the thighs and groin area. I enjoyed her body very much.

China prostitutes

This one I picked up along Talma Road, after midnight, and we went to house no 29 at Lorong 14. Good service and good fuck.

Another one was picked up at Lorong 10, afternoon, and we went to one of the hotels in the Lorong. Also good service and she allowed me to play with her body. Not many China prostitutes allow this. Very enjoyable fuck.

Saw this stunning-looking Geylang prostitute waiting outside the brothel 25, Lorong 14.