October 28, 2007

October 13, 2007

HK 141 (2)

I went to Sheung Wan and called one prostitute. She was not the regular prostitute of the room. She said she usually took over on Sundays and public holidays. I find her face sexy. She is also fair and has a sexy body as well. I asked if can ejaculate on her face. She said got to pay extra. I agreed.

When I wanted to ejaculate, I pulled out my cock. I knelt astride her breasts with my cock above her chin. I got quite a lot of semen but my shooting power is not strong. So I told her no need to worry that my sperm will reach her hair. I looked at her face while I stroked my hard cock and caressed its head.

The first spurt of warm semen landed just below her left eye next to her nose. Then the semen continued to shoot out onto the bridge of her nose, her right nostril and her face. It was a very erotic sight.

October 08, 2007

HK 141 (1)

I think the sex websites like sex141.com are not updated frequently and some rooms mentioned in the sites are not there. Often I went to the places the women were different or not there. So don’t place too much hope on them of getting the prostitute you want. Just use them as a rough guide. Anyway
the faces are not shown. Almost all the women are from China. These 1-floor-1 prostitutes are all over Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and the New Territories.

The women dressed very sexily, some in net-like dresses and some just in bras and panties, transparent panties showing black pubic hairs.

There are video channels in their rooms. The can see the men outside their doors, along the corridor and so on. If they see someone waiting outside or coming often to check, they have a tendency to hurry you.

If you not sure about the services or do not understand what the terms in cantonese mean, better ask. If not later when they sense that you are new or not HK people, they ask you to pay extra if you want this or that.

From the sex site, this one looks sexy and got sensual long legs. But trice I went, the room-gate was locked. Maybe some photos at these websites are just dummies.

My experience and views

Sham Shui Bo
The women are poorer in quality. They are normally at the first and second floors of low-rise buildings which look old and run-down. I have not tried any woman in this area.

New Lucky House at Jordon Road
A few floors of 1-floor-1 mixed with other residents and guest houses. Quality of women - fair. Have not tried any.

Coronet Court at North Point

All the prostitutes are at the first floor. The day I visited, not many working. Didn’t try anyone.

Fook Kiu Mansion and Champagne Court B in Tsim Sha Tsui

Generally the women looked fairly good. More women in Champagne Court B.

Hop Yee Building and Fuji Building in Causeway Bay
Fuji building has more prostitutes (several floors) and I think the better ones are on the upper floors. The quality is also fairly good.
Many prostitutes are not listed on the sex sites.

Electric Road, Tin Hau
You have to walk up the flats (no lifts). But the buildings are not high, usually the prostitudes are in level 2 to 4. The quality in Electric Road is just fair. No try also.

Sheung Wan

I went to have a look at this prostitute. There was a ‘please wait’ sign at the door. As I was moving away, the door opened. The woman stood there, smiling and completely naked! She asked me to go in. I think her customer was still inside, dressing up. She looked like the one in the photo but much older. I didn’t go in.