September 03, 2009


Today is the 15th of the lunar 7th month, the Month of the Hungry Ghosts. Here are some offerings for the ghosts. The male ghosts will also be happy to see these sexy women praying for them.

Erection and Ejaculation

A fully-erect cock

A three-quarter erect/semi-erect cock

The above are younger men. For older men, their cocks may not rise as high as the one in picture 1, maybe just rise to 80° or 90°. Some women think a man must have a full erection to enter the vagina or to ejaculate. If you ask an experienced prostitute, it is not so. An erect penis with three-quarter hardness can enter a vagina. In the vagina, it may become harder or the man can hold the penis at the base to help in the thrusting. But whether the penis becomes harder or not, ejaculation still takes place if the man feels the pleasure and reaches the climax.

Since men are ever interested in women, some old men still frequent prostitutes. According to prostitutes I spoke to, a few can get very hard erection while some are only semi-hard but can still fuck. I guess the men's wives are no more interested in sex but even if they are interested, they couldn’t arouse the lust in their husbands anymore. On the other hand, there are also young men who cannot get full erection and some are impotent.

Some young women seem to think that once they strip and show their naked bodies, a man's cock will go up. Nowadays, I think very few men are like that.

An old man cumming .....

Why do some men like to cum on a woman’s face?

Other parts of a woman men like to cum on – breasts and nipples, legs, buttocks. It is because the men find these parts sexy and arousing. Looking at these parts and stroking their cocks, it gives them great pleasure - for some men, perhaps more than fucking the women.

The same reason applies to why men like to cum on a woman’s face. The man finds the woman’s face sexy. Looking at her face makes his cock itch and semen starts to flow. He is turned on by the face of the woman and he lusts for her.

Of course in making porn videos, it is only for show ...

Cum on breasts .....

Cum on buttocks .....

Cum on feet .....

Cum on stomach/navel .....

Some people think it is the result of the men watching too much porn. But even during the times when porn was not easily available, men (your fathers or grandfathers, for example) also like to cum on a woman’s face, but in this case, it was just a picture of the woman.

The climax

From your own experience and from watching porn videos, you realize that the climactic period for a man is quite short. From the start of his ejaculation to the last drop of semen, it takes between 15 to 30 seconds. After that the man will continue stroking his cock until the pleasure sensation subsides. That may take another 15 to 30 seconds. So, the whole climax for most men is roughly between 30 to 60 seconds.

To prolong the pleasure, some sex ‘experts’ suggest you hold back when you want to ejaculate, let the sensation subsides and start again. It works for some men but it doesn’t work for others. In the latter case, when the man holds back, he finds that his cock loses its hardness and he cannot get the cock erect again no matter what the woman does.

So, the advice is not appropriate for everyone. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the pleasure and satisfaction is more important, not the time. If you are the fast type, spend more time enjoying the woman’s body. Explore every nook and cranny of her body. Caress it, kiss it and smell it.

Cum on face video
This sexy porn star was tempting some men. The men soon became aroused and started to stroke their cocks while watching her teasing them. There was a triumphant smile on her face as she knew the power she had over the men. The men become slaves of her beauty and flesh. One by one, the men cum on her face.

This man drops a lot of semen on her face. She plays with his cum by caressing her lips and mouth with his cum and then sucking her fingers. She then sucks his cock again. His cock is in seventh heaven.