May 27, 2008

Geylang vice scene update, May 08

The scene is about the same. The casinos and vcd stalls are still at the backlanes. Cigarettes pedlars are still at Lorong 14/Geylang Road junction. But now there are also some at the carpark at Geylang Road/Lorong 21 junction.

I also saw a Chinese woman selling medicinal products beside the New Cathay Hotel at Geylang Road/Aljunied Road junction. I went nearer and saw some blue pills in a pack of 4. Fake viagra most likely.

In the evening there are prostitutes at the carpark of a building at Lorong 22 (near Guillemard Road side). There were legal brothels at this building but I don't know if they have closed down or not. I also saw prostitutes standing at the backlanes behind the building. There is a fence but there is also an open gate. I think they bring their customers to use the rooms in the brothels in the building.

Nowadays in the afternoon there are very few prostitutes around. At night there are more but quality not so good. Now there are more prostitutes along Lorong 21 and they seem to have make a comeback around Starlight Hotel at Lorong 17.

Some pictures:

Early evening at Talma Road, ... coming out to start work ...

Talma Road/Lorong 10

Talma Road/Lorong 8

Night, Lorong 10... you can also find a few Vietnamese prostitutes here

Talma Road

Talma Road/Lorong 8

May 19, 2008

Shuang Fei massage at Macau

Shuang Fei massage means two women massage you.

Choose the pair of women you like...

In the bath...

Continue the fun on the bed...

More fun...

Finally fuck and cum...

May 13, 2008


According to the brothel-keeper there is only one $150 prostitute (you pay $120) in Geylang and about five $50 prostitutes. There are several old hands who do both massage and sex for $50. Most prostitutes are $200.

Called Vicky again, third or fourth time. I think she is about 6 months in Geylang but not new to the trade. One of my best fucks with her. In the room she behaved like a vixen, using all her skills to seduce men. Very soon my cock was very hard and quivering with pleasure.

Actually she is not very beautiful and her breasts are not big. Her cock-sucking skills are also not so good. But I find her sexy and she got the slut look and foxy smile.

I like her facial expressions when I fucked her, better than many pornstars. She makes soft ahh and ohh noises and I especially like to see her mouth twitching and her nostrils flaring. Faking no doubt, but very arousing for me. Women!!!

A super great fuck.

May 04, 2008