February 23, 2005

Geylang Prostitute 2

Went to a brothel and called one of my regular prostitutes. She is a slim Chinese woman with a pretty face, small breasts, tanned body and shoulder-length straight black hair. I like her fellatio skills.

As she kissed my body, she used her fingertips to caress the inner sides of my thighs, my scrotum, the penis shaft and the head. She performed fellatio in different positions - while I lay on the bed, sat on the edge of the bed and stood on the floor with one foot on the bed. I love the last position as I could look down to see her sexy face as she licked the underside of my penis. I also like her wet, slow, gentle stroke.

As I ejaculated inside her, she gave a mischievous smile.

February 17, 2005

Ah Lian Prostitute

It was 1.30am in the early morning but there were still quite a number of China prostitutes soliciting at Geylang – Lorong 14 (the half stretch from Geylang Road), Lorong 17 (around Starlight Hotel), Lorong 12 (around the Hotel 81 and backlanes leading to Lorong 14 & Lorong 10), Lorong 10, Talma Road, in front of Darlene Hotel and around Hotel 6 (formerly Ocean Hotel) which is just behind Darlene.

I was attracted by a super ‘Ah Lian’ at the carpark at Hotel 6. She has bleached yellowish-brown hair with streaks of green and red, a tattoo on her left upper arm, studs on her belly button and nose, a large ring on her right ear and small gold rings on the perimeters of both ears. She wore a pair of super mini shorts, black bras with a short unbuttoned jacket over her shoulders.

Besides her sexy looks she has the skills too which she applied well to my body and penis. I performed cunnilingus on her, something which I rarely do with China prostitutes. But the most arousing thing was seeing myself fucking this super Ah Lian lying naked on the bed with arms raised, legs spread wide and moaning.