June 11, 2011

Why men love prostitutes

Desirable women - prostitutes

Why do married men, even those with beautiful wives, patronize brothels and fuck prostitutes?

Prostitutes with attractive faces ...

There is a Chinese saying – The wife is not as good as the mistress, the mistress is not as good as the prostitute. The prostitute with her amorality and wantonness always has that alluring appeal for many men.

I think one main reason is variety. Suppose a man married at 28, wouldn’t it be boring to have sex with the same woman for 20 - 30 years. The man might still love his wife but probably he would have lost interest in sex with her after say 20 years.

Maybe that is why some men have extramarital affair or one night stand. And some others patronize prostitutes. This is purely commercial. There is no attachment; once the sexual attraction ceases, the relationship ends.

Occasionally, many men would like to take a break from the routine of life and that includes sex. However beautiful the wife is, I think the man would like to try new women. With every new prostitute there is also an element of expectation.

Moreover, prostitutes have skills and techniques wives don’t have and there is no pressure on the man to satisfy her. He can also try out fetishes he would not tell his wife or which his wife would not do.

Another reason is the sexual temptation of attractive women. You look at the photos of the women in this post and I guess you understand what I mean. These women arouse the lust in men and the small head with no brains take control. It is similar to people overcome by strong emotions like anger and jealousy and they become irrational.

Prostitutes in sexy seductive wear ...

Prostitutes in fetish wear - uniform, sexy boots and high heels ...

However, there are many good men who are faithful to their wives. They have the will to resist extramarital affair or prostitutes. Then there are men who don’t patronize prostitutes for various reasons, some of which are - their religions forbid it, they think it is immoral, they are afraid of getting diseases, they are gay or not interested in women.

By the way, prostitution is known as the oldest profession in the world. So, even during ancient times men also sought the services of prostitutes.