August 23, 2011

Early sexual fantasy

Geylang night scene - August

The coffee-shop at Lorong 20 has reopened under new management and is now open 24 hours.

The streetwalkers opposite the coffee-shop ...

Hotel 101 at Lorong 12 and the streetwalkers outside it ...

At Lorong 14/Talma Road ...

At Lorong 10/Talma Road ...

Along Geylang Road between Lorong 21 1nd Lorong 23 ...

I also saw streetwalkers at Lorong 21, behind Starlight Hotel at Lorong 17, Lorong 29, and Lorong 31 and along Talma Road.

Early sexual fantasy

During early adolescence, I started to produce sperm. I liked beautiful women more and more and I masturbated regularly. My cock was quite big. I think a man’s cock normally stops growing when he is in his late adolescence, that is between 16 to 18 years old. I was about 14 then. So my cock could still grow 1 or 2 cm more.

There was a petite young woman, about 4 or 5 years older than I was, working at a provision shop on the ground floor. I liked to chit-chat with her when she was free. She often dressed in black including black shoes. Somehow she was sexy in her own way.

My fantasy about her …

One evening she was sitting alone inside the shop packing some goods. I went in pretending to ask for something and then sat on a chair facing her. She was wearing a short black dress. As she was sitting on a low stool, her fair thighs were exposed and the lower end of her dress drooped over her cunt area. Did she wear black panties too, I wondered.

Her legs were sexy. I was getting aroused. I was wearing a pair of shorts and no underwear. And my crotch was opposite her face.

The shaft of my cock was on the right sleeve of my shorts making a significant bulge. I could feel my cock hardening and growing longer. It soon reached the end of my shorts. Once she looked up and noticed my cock head under my shorts. She pretended not to see but kept stealing glances at it.

Then the reddish cock head protruded from my shorts. I pretended not to know. She also saw it coming out. I imagined she had never seen a man’s cock before. She was fascinated and curiosity overcame her shyness. She kept looking at my cock head.

At first we continued some small meaningless talk but soon we stopped talking. I was too aroused. I stared at her and used two fingers to caress my cock head while she watched what I was doing with great interest.

She has never seen a man masturbate and shoot sperm from his cock, I thought, Well, I will show her.

So I pulled up the shorts and took out my whole cock – the thick hard shaft with its big head and the two big balls. I started stroking my cock in front of her. Soon my cock reached its full length. At that time it was about 16 cm. She stopped her work and put her head forward to look at my cock more clearly.

Soon my sperm shot out, spurts after spurts. There was sperm all over the floor in front of her. She looked amazed but delighted. I continued stroking my cock until the pleasure had subsided.

Then I put my cock back into my shorts and we sat for a while as if nothing had happened.

Before I left she was no more shy, she said, Come another day and show me your cock again.

OK, I said. I let you play with it next time.

August 09, 2011

Early sexual experience

Here is a rare fetish. Maybe when the man was a young boy he saw pictures or videos of a man fucking a woman on a motorbike. Or he saw pictures of sexy naked women on motorbikes.

I think a man’s sexual preferences and his liking of women have something to do with his childhood experience. Even before I could produce sperm I already liked beautiful women.

When I was in primary 2, I found my teacher beautiful and I liked to look at her.

In my late childhood, my family rented a room to a man. He was a blue collar worker. He had a tool-box which occasionally he left in the hall. The bottom was covered with newspapers. There was nothing interesting in it. But, one day I discovered pornographic magazines under the newspapers. There were also cuttings from magazines of pictures of sexy women and actresses.

I found myself often thinking of those pictures of breasts and vaginas with hair on them. I began to like women. When I played with my cock it got erect and I liked the pleasant itchy feeling. I found that I could reach the climax if I continued stroking and thinking of naked women but there was no sperm.

When I was going through puberty, my cock grew bigger and longer and I started producing sperm. An elder boy took me to a stall around Beach Road where he bought Chinese sex magazines.

I liked those beautiful naked women in the magazines and I started fantasizing about women – beautiful women, sexy women, voluptuous women, desirable women. Women was the most exciting word to me then. WOMEN!!!.

The boy told me he fucked prostitutes before. Sometimes I imagined what it was like to put my cock in a vagina.