April 23, 2010


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big cocks ... as thick and as long as an arm, are they fake?

Prostitute with very long hair ...

What type of women do you like?

These two are models. The pictures are from a Chinese nude models website. There are many such websites. One is slim and sexy and the other is voluptuous. If you could have one of them to go to bed with you, who would you pick? There is another picture of B below.

Geylang streetwalkers

It was just two or three days after another big raid at Geylang but that night there were quite a number of streetwalkers – at Lorong 14, Lorong 12, Lorong 19 (behind Bright Star Hotel), Lorong 21, Lorong 20 (opposite coffee-shop), Geylang Road (opposite Lorong 20) and around Hotel 6 and Darlene Hotel. Perhaps they thought it was safe just after a big raid as the police would not come again so soon.

This one was at Geylang Road, opposite Lorong 20.


One evening last week I saw about three prostitutes outside CK department store at Chinatown (the one at Smith Street/New Bride Road junction). Only one was sexily-dressed. They didn’t approach men. They might give a man a smile if he showed interest and then they would wait for the man to make the first move. I saw a man approach two women but it seemed there was no deal done.

This one was at People's Park Complex.

Registered prostitutes at Geylang

Sometimes you read reports in forums by men about what a great time they had with a fabulous prostitute or how they found a ‘gem’. Of course this was only from their point of view. It might or might not be a gem or fabulous to you.

I have also described prostitutes in this blog. Similarly, it is just my view and they are not meant as recommendations. It is just to give you an idea what the prostitute is like.

I think Geylang brothels is the best place for you if you like prostitutes. Nowadays picking up streetwalkers is a waste of time and you won't get good ones. I would also not encourage people to book prostitutes from online sex sites.

If you find women with very long hair arousing, there is a prostitute for you at Geylang. She has hair that reaches her calves, like the woman in the picture at the top of this post. I saw her at a brothel more than two weeks ago. A man had called for her. The man was waiting in a room. So I had the chance to talk to her a bit. She was friendly. Her name is Nana, or you just tell the pimp you want the one with very long hair. I have not fucked her before.

The following prostitutes I have fucked before.

The woman in this picture reminds me of a Cindy, from China. She is sexy and is good at wriggling her body and making facial expressions to titillate men.

Chloe, a Malaysian, is slim and has long slender legs. That day she was in a white, short, body-hugging dress. It showed her her legs in their full glory.

Moon, from China, has some resemblance to the woman below. She is voluptuous and foxy.

April 11, 2010

Titillating nipples

This post has 2 parts

Part 1 Singapore and Macau

Now that Singapore has two casinos some people make comparisons between Singapore and Macau but actually they are not the same.


Macau is predominantly Chinese in character. Most of its tourists are also from China. Like Dongguan in China, Macau is a men’s paradise but more expensive; its main attractions are the vices - gambling and prostitution. Macau depends a lot on its casinos. If the casinos were to close down, the prostitutes would leave and the sex trade would die. Tourists would not go there. Many businesses would close shop and unemployment rate would go up.


Singapore all along had no casinos. So our two casinos are additional attractions. And they are not just casinos. They are integrated resorts with plenty of amusement and entertainment for the whole family. Tourists do not visit Singapore just for the casinos.

Suppose our casinos could not make profit and had to close down. A few thousands would lose their jobs. But tourists will still come.

If you are only interested in gambling and womanizing and you intend to spend most of your time in the casinos or with prostitutes in the saunas or clubs then you can go to Macau.

Otherwise, Singapore is a much better place. It is multi-racial and a vibrant cosmopolitan city. Besides our Casinos we also have well-known red-light areas including Geylang and its brothels have beautiful prostitutes from China. Other things you can do in Singapore:

- go shopping at some of our big shopping centres
- savour our local delights at our food courts/hawkers’ centers
- visit one of our housing estates to soak in the local culture
- attend a musical/arts performance at The Esplanade, our Theatres on the Bay
- visit our museum, historical/heritage sites and other attractions
- take a tour in our clean and comfortable trains/buses

YourSingapore, our Marvellous Country

If you intend to visit Singapore please visit this link for more information:

Part 2
Titillating Nipples

Partially-visible nipples teasing you .....

Sometimes a semi-naked woman is more seductive than a completely nude woman with legs open. And a woman displaying uninhibited sexuality can be more arousing than hardcore porn stuff.

Lately I watched some old movies. Surprisingly, a few of them have nude scintillating scenes. In those days there were no rating of films in Singapore. I think there were also no film classifications in Hong Kong but I understand that movies could not show full frontal nudity. Nipples of women and pubic hair were also not allowed. Later in Hong Kong, they had the category III movies in which you could see nude women, breasts and pubic hair.

Some shows with nude and sex scenes ...

Valley of Death by Shaw Brothers.

This sexy actress did a bathing scene.

She also had a love-making scene.

Legends of Lust also from SB.

This actress had a sex scene. You can see a nipple.

Another actress, having sex with a man in her room while her old-man husband was sleeping in the room. There is tantalizing view of one of her nipples.

The nipple!

The Big Boss
, a Bruce Lee movie.

Bruce was drunk. The Thai woman stripped naked and went to bed with him.