January 25, 2008

Macau prostitutes

Opposite this Man Va Hotel is a fuckshop although the signboard said something else. Sometimes got women stand outside. Sometimes they walk about and approach men walking past. They will ask if you want massage.

Most of the women are not young, maybe 30+, 40. If you are lucky, you might see one or two younger sexy ones. One older woman approached me. I asked the price. She said HK$100. So cheap? Standard price? I don't know whether it is just for massage or include others. I didn't ask as I was not interested in her.

Fucked one woman from this sauna. She was young, fair and sexy. Also very friendly and proactive. HK$1168

Picked one woman from the parade area outside the casino in Lisboa Hotel. She was young, fair and sexy. Went to her room and played with her. Good service, no hurried feeling. After fucking, we had small talk while she walked about naked, padding her face, combing hair.... HK$800

Fucked the third woman at this guesthouse. I think I mentioned about this guesthouse before in an earlier post. Woman was also young, fair and sexy. Again very good service, slow and tender. HK$220. Previously it was $200, now 10% increase.

The third one was the cheapest but I also enjoyed her most. All were young, fair and sexy as I said three times already. But there are other factors as well.

I presume good service is standard due to competition. Even if they not in the mood or tired, they have to put up fake front and do the job well. Sometimes you can sense it. But if the woman is in the right mood or she likes you, you will enjoy it more. I feel the body odour is one factor too. You may not sense it but it arouses you.

Another thing, high price does not mean you will sure get good fuck. But at least you get to see a young sexy body and fondle soft tender flesh of a woman.

January 18, 2008

January 13, 2008

January 02, 2008


Since a teenager I have used pictures of beautiful women for masturbation purpose. I use my cock to stroke their faces and ejaculate on them. Nowadays I only masturbate once in a while as I enjoy fucking women more.

I have tried having prostitutes masturbate me until ejaculation. One of the earlier ones was at a massage palour in Bangkok. You must get the skillful ones. But of course it is very hard to tell. The China women don't know how to do it well.

It is exciting to see the expression on the woman's face as the semen comes out. Here you must also get the right ones. This type enjoy masturbating men seeing men in their control and they go on stroking your cock until the last drop comes out. Very few this type. There are others who just do it mechanically and stop once you start to come.

Now I seldom go for masturbation.
It is more fun and pleasurable playing with women.