June 29, 2005

Geylang Prostitute 7

June 2005

Her name is Coco. My first view of her was her back - shoulder-long light brown hair, short skimpy black dress which highlighted the contour of her curvy buttocks and exposed her sexy legs and shoulders. I felt my penis tingle with excitement.

She is another woman with great fellatio skills.
I love her wet long tongue licking the underside of my penis and her mouth moving up and down my penis while her finger tips roam lightly over my body and testicles.

Called her again a week later.

There are mirrors on three sides of the wall as well as on the ceiling. I was standing sideway between a wall with mirror and the bed and she was kneeling with her tongue working round the head of my erect penis. It was a most aphrodisiac sight in the mirror.

On the bed I kissed her body. She seemed to like me kiss the mound of flesh at her vulva. It was quite exciting for me – I like the feel of her pubic hair brushing my lips and face and the smell of her body.

June 02, 2005

Sex in Zhuhai 2

May 2005

Outside the hotel I was staying is Lian Hua Road. This is a busy road with lots of people walking to and fro or hanging about from early afternoon to night. Further down the road is a sort of pedestrian mall. This is the main place where young prostitutes will look for their prey. One of them told me that some prostitutes could know whether the men are local or foreign or where they came from by their dressing and speech. Having found a target, the woman would swiftly approach the man and ask him if he wanted her. Some are very persistent, walking alongside the man chatting away. Almost every prostitute gave the men they approached a piece of paper with her name and number.

I took a stroll along Lian Hua Road in the afternoon - spent some time hanging about The Mall and collected paper slips from several prostitutes. I was particularly interested in a sexy young woman in a bright green dress that exposed her fair arms and shoulders, accentuated her breasts and gave tantalizing views of her cleavage. At night I called her to the hotel.

She was 22 years old, friendly and cute. She has a beautiful well-proportioned body, shapely legs, fair smooth skin and soft firm breasts. I had immense pleasure hugging and fondling her body. I kissed her whole body. She smiled and giggled occasionally. She did not have the skills but with such a woman it did not matter at all.

The warm damp flesh of her vagina was gently gripping my hard penis. As I looked at her sexy face, my thrusting motion became more vigourous and soon the sensation reached the ultimate ….. ejaculation!.

I tipped her generously. I do not believe that tipping will spoil the market..

She is one of the types of women that I love. I had another two prostitutes in Zhuhai but they were quite ordinary.