April 28, 2008

Macau's attractions

Macau's main attractions are based on human greed and lust, that is gambling and sex. The other attractions you see in advertisements are just hype.

Food is nothing great and is not cheap. Hotel rates are high especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Holiday eves. Services at shops and eateries also need much improvement. Their zebra crossings are for show only. You can wait for hours and the vehicles will not stop to let you cross the road. Most people can't understand English.

You may visit their tourist attractions and historical sites, but again nothing great and unlikely you will want to visit them again.

Casinos and prostitutes are the main attractions, there are plenty of casinos, saunas and whorehouses.


and Prostitutes

April 22, 2008

Vietnamese prostitutes

Late Sunday night I went down to the Vietnamese hub along Geylang Road between Lorong 42 and 44. There were a police patrol car and a police van outside a club. Many curious onlookers gathered around to watch.

There were a lot of Vietnamese prostitutes. They formed small groups sitting, squatting or standing on both sides of Geylang road. Some were at the coffee-shop.
Generally the Vietnamese women whom I saw, compared to those from China, are shorter, darker and less attractive. They look like Thais.

I also went to Lorong 38. There were 5 or 6 China prostitutes standing along the road.

The police vehicles.....

The Vietnamese prostitutes.....

April 16, 2008

$100 prostitutes

Most of the Geylang 'legal' prostitutes are in the $200 category (you pay $150). There are not many in the $100 category (you pay $80). They are older with many years of experience.

A few good $100 ones I have fucked who give good service:
Xiao Tian - good skills
Ya Wen - temptress type
Mona - voluptuous, sexy look
LE - younger, pleasing look

Benz ($200)
Fucked her again, enjoyed playing her fair slender body - kissed her back, her sides, legs, abdomen and breasts. love to see her sexy face while fucking her.......Ooooooooh, and I shot my sperm inside her.

April 10, 2008

Sexy Women and old men

old man and young woman

Old men aroused by a sexy woman

At the people's park food outlet a group of senior men were gossiping over coffee. Then a sexy woman in a sexy outfit came to a stall next to them to buy food. Her blouse was semi-bare showing half of her back and her drop-down pants showed her navel and hip-bones. One cm more and you can see her pubic hair.

The old men got very excited. A few stared and some pretending not interested but they were secretly looking from the corners of their eyes.
I think they were thinking of her naked body because I was thinking of that.

A Geylang prostitute once told me one of her regular customers was an 80-year-old man. He visited her about once a month and his cock can still erect. Whether he got use pills or not, she didn't say.

Old men still interested in women! Good it Keeps them active and healthy.