January 05, 2010

Side view of breasts

Look at the side of these breasts. It makes your cock fill with pleasurable itch.

Petain Road

Petain Road is part of the Jalan Besar red-light district. It was early in the afternoon but there were already quite a lot of men, old men as well as younger ones, looking for women. Probably their cocks were also itching.

There are some prostitutes who were formerly in Geylang, but I didn't see anyone that I recognize. Perhaps they were working because many of the doors were closed with the outside lights on. At a few rooms there were men waiting outside. These must be the hot ones.

I heard that the prostitutes offer good service. Actually this is to be expected. But you cannot compare the service here to Geylang's. There is no small talk, teasing or foreplay - just the basics. Maybe if you go and give them money every week, they might treat you like a boyfriend.

Men waiting outside a room

This one is quite sexy ...

Side view of breasts of women.

Many times I find the side view of women's breasts more erotic than the front view. Here are some side views that I find very tempting.