June 18, 2012

facial moles

Brothel in Keong Saik

A Chinese newspaper reported that there is only one brothel left in Keong Saik Road. It says there are more than ten prostitutes (Malaysian and local women) whose ages range from thirty plus to fifty.

Women with moles on their faces

The Sun has a mole. (The mole is the planet Venus.) Does the mole make the Sun look better?

Does a mole on a sexy woman's face make her sexier?

In recent weeks I observed moles on the faces of some women.

In one woman, the mole is next to the bridge of her nose. The woman is sexy and I think the mole enhances her sexiness. Another woman has a mole on her left cheek and then there is one with a mole below the left side of her lips.

The moles look attractive.

Here are the famous moles of two celebrities.

Women with facial moles ...

Zoe with moles on her cheek, eyelid and lips. I feel that they make her look more sexy.

June 04, 2012

Fetish pleasures, sex and masturbation

Fetish pleasures

I believe many men have fetishes but many of the fetishes are mild and do not last long. Then, because of new experiences, they may develope new fetishes.

Kinky sex

Pervert sex

Unnatural sex

Solo masturbation

A woman doing it for you