April 21, 2006

Sasa, Judy, and AC


Sasa and Judy are new. Judy seemed to be the lesser-experienced though she was very accommodating and friendly. They do not appeal to me. I prefer AC’s type of face. All three are medium-sized.

Face & Body: C

Skills & Services: B

Face & Body: C
Skills & Services: C

Face & Body: B
Skills & Services: A
I like her cock-sucking (wet, sensuous and gentle) and her hand stroking my cock while she stimulated my nipples with her tongue.

China prostitute Xiao Xiao (outside Hotel 6 in Lorong 6)
Slim, small-sized and a sexy face with mischievous-looking expression which seems to say that my cock will have a good time with her. I like such women. Fellatio was very elementary. But she aroused me with naughty talk. Great fuck!

April 06, 2006

My Ratings of Women

For me the face of the woman is the most important – whether I find her sexy or sexually-attractive. I have seen women who looked very sexy from behind or who were sexily-dressed, but once I see her face, my interest faded.

You may disagree with me as you may disagree with the judges of beauty shows. For example, to me Zoe Tay is grade A, Ericia Lee is B and Fiona Xia is C.

The following are some examples. Pictures are from some Hong Kong sex sites.

grade A

grade A

grade B

grade B

grade C

grade C