June 28, 2006

June Sex

Geylang prostitutes

Bai Xue (called her a few times)

fair and fleshy (a bit plump now), you can see the green veins on her fair breasts with big areolas, blowjob skills – wet, deep and sensuous.

I was sitting at the edge of the bed and she was kneeling before me sucking my erect penis. Wet and deep, licking round the rim, lips and tongue caressing the underside, and all the while her fingers crawled lightly over my body and thighs… Watching her was most aphrodisiac; my cock becoming steel hard. Fucking was great.

AC (also a few times)

Fair and petite with good blowjob skills. During bathing, she sucked my cock with me standing and she kneeling down. I especially like the scene when she tilted her head upwards and licked the whole length of the underside of my erect cock. The bright light shone on her fair face with my hard throbbing cock against it. If only I could take a picture... It would be great if I could shoot the semen on her face!

On the bed ….. with me kneeling on all four while she squeezed between my legs and she played and sucked my cock from below. I loved to look at her face when fucking her and ejaculating…

China prostitutes

Ling (Shanghai) – afternoon, outside Hotel 81 at junction of Talma Rd/Lorong 8

She was wearing a low-dropping jeans, so low that it dropped below her hip bones and from behind you could just see the cleft between her buttocks. In the lift I mentioned that her jeans was very sexy and that her pubic hair could almost be seen. She then pulled down the front part of her jeans and her panties to reveal her pubic hair. I cuddled her and put my hand down her panties..

We stripped and washed up. Then she lay on the bed, spread her legs and put arms above her head. Vow! A live sexy woman spread out naked in front of you! Great temptation indeed. How to resist…I started to caress, stroke and kiss her whole body.

Then I fucked her…and discovered one great letdown. It took a little longer to ejaculate.