August 12, 2006

Two sexy prostitutes

National Day Eve
2.45am and Geylang was a hive of activities. The roads were still congested, the coffee shops still crowded. Plenty of prostitutes – Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, Thais, even a few Russians and Thai transvestites.

Xiao Qian

Went to Lorong 28 at about 1.30am. There were more prostitutes this time. I saw one I liked. She took me to a hotel somewhere near the middle of the Lorong. An old man sat at a table at the ground level. I paid him $10. We walked up to a room at level 1.

The room was quite big but not very pleasant and lighting was bad. The walls were in a dark colour making the interior look dull although there were two fluorescent lights. There were 2 beds and a table, no drinks or snacks.

The woman was very accommodating. She allowed me to kiss and caress her body and fondle her breasts. She was quite young. I like her face; I find it very sexually exciting. It made fucking her more enjoyable, the pleasure more intense and made my penis ejaculated more sperm.

Xiao Hui

Picked her up one afternoon at Lorong 20. She is not very young but attractive.

At the hotel bed, she told me about her hometown. She said I could stay in her house if I visited her hometown. She said she would bring me to the many massage centers and there are many young beautiful women to choose from. All the while she was playing with my cock which was getting harder and harder. Had a very good fuck!