September 30, 2005

Geylang :Theresa and Jessie

September 2005


Called her several times already. She was in a sexy outfit revealing the top of her bosom, the middle section of her body and her legs. In the room her fair naked body looked more fleshy and very tempting. It was irresistible - I hugged her and stroke and fondle her body as we kissed.

Her blowjob was excellent as usual. I think only Jia Sin has better skills and techniques than she. It was very erotic to see my hard penis thrusting back and forth in her vagina. With such a woman, my climax is always more intense and the amount of semen increases.


Another prostitute I called was Jessie. She said she was 26 but her innocent-looking schoolgirl face makes her look younger. Very good service but very elementary blowjob skills.

September 21, 2005

Pornstar Look-alike

This is a sexy Taiwanese porn-star. She is skillful at fellatio.
Fancy getting a woman like her in Geylang.

September 2005

Friday night - about 2am.

There she was, standing along the side lane connecting Lorong 12 and Lorong 14. Her face, body-type and even her hairstyle looked like the Taiwanese porn-star. Dressed in a pink dress, she was smiling and flirting with men who passed by. Fair, sexy and voluptuous – sexuality oozed from every cm of her tempting body. There were several men standing around just ogling her. I felt my penis reacting. (Actually I had intended to look for another woman I saw last week.)

Took her to Fragrance Hotel in Lorong 14.

She was good in bed and her blowjob was wet and sensual. A great fuck!

September 10, 2005

Sexy Young Prostitute

September 2005

Went down to Geylang at about 1.30 am – a Monday morning. The massage joints at Aljunied Road, Geylang Road and Lorong 17 were still open. The street-walkers were concentrated in the area shown on the map. There were quite a number of men doing their sightseeing.

There were two women that I intended to fuck – one along Talma Road, near Hotel 81 and one outside Darlene Hotel at Lorong 8.

The one outside Darlene – cute, sexy and young. She is quite tall and slim with bleached hair. She wore jeans which exposed her hips and navel and a dress which revealed the top front of her breasts. She looks like a student.

She said she was 19. She performed fellatio, just standard type with no skills or techniques. However, she is friendly and accommodating and doesn’t hurry you. I asked her to turn over on the bed. I kissed her back from shoulders to toes. Then I did the same to her front. Finally I fucked her. Whenever I stopped my motion her vagina gripped my penis on and off. When she saw that I enjoyed it, she smiled. A very pleasurable session.

(I also had prostitutes who were money-minded and who gave poor services. Only that I don’t write about them.)