July 27, 2005

Chinese massage Joints in Geylang

July 2005

This week I visited two of these Chinese massage joints (Tuina or in whatever name) that seem to be sprouting up in Geylang. I find that they are just fronts for prostitution.

In the first case, the woman sitting at the entrance brought me up. There were only two women at that time and a man, the joint-keeper. One hour - $28. The massage was done in a rectangular cubicle with a bed and mattress. You can hear people in the adjacent cubicles and if you dare, can climb up and look over the partitions. My masseuse was average in appearance – face and body. She did massage for about 30 minutes; then came the question – sex? Actually I came just for the experience. No; I just fondled her body including private parts and she tried to arouse me. She said she would get only $8, so she had to depend on income from her other services.

When time was up (about 45 minutes only) I gave her $50 ($22 extra). She said not enough. I said ‘Then I take it back’. The notes were on the bed and as I stretched out my hand, she snatched the money away. The speed of her action would have put a snatch thief to shame. Instead of being angry, I felt pitiful for her. I gave her another $10.

In the second case, the joint was also along Geylang Road. There were three women sitting and standing around the entrance. They seemed to be of better qualities. I picked a fair woman in a black dress. It was $30 for one hour. A cubicle with just a mattress. She kneaded my neck, shoulders and back for around 10 minutes and then she started her arousing trick during which she removed her bras. This time I succumbed as she was quite attractive. Just sexual intercourse, no oral. She said that customers could book them out at $30 per hour. After work, clean up with tissues and towel. You can go to the kitchen to wash you hands.

If you want a good massage, you certainly will be disappointed. If you want fellatio and sex and good service, it would be better to visit the Geylang brothels.

July 23, 2005

Geylang Prostitutes 8 & 9

July 2005

Queenie, Coco, Bai Xue, Theresa – all not available. The BK (brothel keeper) mentioned some names. I chose one LV – recent arrival. She came dressed in a dull black dress – a tall thin small-breasted plain-looking woman.

Face & Body – B, Skills & Services – A

July 2005

Xian Tian belongs to the $80 category. Her body and looks are average but her skills and service are very good.

Face and Body – B, Skills and Services – A*

July 15, 2005

Sex in Haadyai

July 2005, Haadyai

It seems almost every street in the town center of Haadyai has at least one foot massage shop. The masseuses (some are young but many are in their thirties) in most of these shops also do ordinary massage and oil massage. The shops have glass front and the massage chairs are arranged in rows inside. You can see them from outside where some masseuses also sit. Then there are massage parlours which offer ancient massage and many hotels have one.

There is a health center at Lee Garden Plaza Hotel building called Health Massage where there are more and more younger masseuses. You can also book them to the Hotel for massage. I think you can also book them when they are off but that depends on individual masseuse.

If you stroll along the streets and if you are male, alone or with other males, pimps will approach you to ask you if you want women. One midnight while having supper at the food street outside the hotel; a woman came, asked if I needed a woman and showed me an album with photos of some girls. Occasionally, women from china might come and ask you if you want a massage.

The bigger massage palours are New Chaophya Bath and Massage, Chaophya 4 and Pink Lady.

New Chaophya was closed when I went there one afternoon on a weekday. Perhaps it has closed down. I did not go to Chaophya 4. I only went to Pink Lady.

In Pink Lady there was a separate ancient massage section where the women wear standard uniform. The women in the big fish tank do the body massage or ‘tora’ – these include fellatio and sex. There were not many women that day and they were only so-so in terms of looks and body – way below those in Macau.

I chose a pleasant woman who was smiling at me. The room was spacious with a TV set and a fridge stocked with drinks. The course includes bath and massage in the bath-tub, body massage with lotion on the inflated rubber mattress, sex and massage on the bed. (Of course you can have sex anytime during the course.) All this while, a pornographic film was showing on the video channel. Her service was just passable, again far from that at Macau.