November 28, 2008


In the post unforgettable prostitute 3, I said the prostitute likes to suck cocks. The way she teased and played with my cock, I believe her. I think there are many women who like the cock.

The erect cock is a beautiful organ, especially those that are quite big and thick and with helmet-shaped head. I think many women like the feel of it in their mouth - a warm hard live cock. A six or seven inch cock (15 to 17cm) would be just nice. You can put the whole shaft in your mouth and then slowly draws out, feeling the whole length of it.

Here are 2 sets of pictures ahowing women sucking cocks. I like the ways they do it. I think they enjoy it too.

Set 1

Set 2

Here is blog with a lot of cock pictures. The blogger loves the circumcised cock:

I have mentioned this site before, by a cock-loving woman. But in case you missed it:

November 21, 2008

Coffeeshop rendezvous

Some Geylang coffee-shops which are popular rendezvous for elderly Singapore men and China women.

Along Geylang Road, ... Lorong 16

... Lorong 18

... Lorong 20

... Lorong 23

Along Sims Avenue, ... Lorong 13

... Lorong 15

November 16, 2008

Attractive Prostitutes

The first two are my favourites .......

Sexy buttocks

Sexy legs

erotic breasts

November 08, 2008

Some prostitutes I fucked in recent weeks

Registered prostitutes at authorized brothels

First-time fucks:
(Pictures for illustration purpose only, not the real women.)

San San (Malaysian, new) - quite tall and a bit dark, face-OK, body and service - good

Joanne (Malaysian) - very fair, good service and good body and very good cock-arousing skills, and I like her face

Fei Fei (China) - fair, voluptuous body, good service, especially good for men who like to play breasts

China streetwalkers

These weeks there were very few prostitutes in the afternoon. At night there were many but the quality is not very good.

I posted this photo quite some time ago and I said I intended to fuck her. But she seemed to be missing for some time. Most likely she returned home. So one day I saw her again and called her. But it was a disappointment. She is quite flabby. Skin also not good and her buttocks a bit dark. Disinterested service.

This one is very good and she sucks cock very well too. Accommodating and amorous on the bed.