March 31, 2008

Murder of prostitutes in Hong Kong

Newspaper cuttings about the recent murder of 4 1-floor-1 prostitutes in HK...

In this video the man talks (in mandarin) about the murder of the first three prostitutes and the arrest of a suspect.

March 29, 2008


Novel is very fair, very very fair. She is not new but I only saw her recently and I like her.

That day she wore a black dress and when she stripped I saw her black panties against her super fair flesh. I got very aroused and quickly grabbed her and caressed her sexy body with my lips and hands.

She has firm rounded breasts with reddish nipples and well-proportioned body. Very good service and skills.

But for cock-sucking techniques, Cookie and Blue Diamond are better.

March 03, 2008

Vibrant Geylang

The two IRs, the F1 Formula and the Youth Olympics are part of the Government's master plan to build a vibrant city. Hahaha, Geylang could be part of the plan too; so the Government does want not to come down too hard on the vice activities going on there. I believe it is also hard to stop the women coming in on the pretext of work, studies, etc.

A prostitute from China said that Hong Kong is more strict with them - a week's jail straightaway. Maybe we can do that. Amend the law if necessary.

I think the authorities are doing their best to manage the situation. Otherwise it could be worse.

As it is, besides vice and illegal activities, some of the problems created are:
1. Traffic congestion mainly along Geylang Road, between Lorong 22 to Lorong 4, from late afternoon to late at night
2. Illegal parking - evening to late at night
3. Jaywalking along Geylang Road
4. Littering - plastic bags, empty cans and bottles, food wrappers and containers left behind by the prostitutes standing along the roads
5. Urinating in the back-lanes, particularly those with the casino activities. You can smell the stench walking there.

How about installing lights and video cams at some back-lanes.

Now what does Geylang IR offer?

24-hour convenience shops and eateries

Budget hotels from $10/hour. There are also former brothels offering short time usage.

Casinos, day and night - this picture was taken early in the morning. At night there can be more than a dozen tables in operation.

Cheap cigarettes - Lorong 14/Geylang Road junction

Some of those operating casinos and selling cheap cigarettes look like foreign talents, or maybe they are illegal immigrants.And the main attraction are prostitutes. To be more correct, the China prostitutes as they form the largest group. (The 'legal' brothels and Thai dens have been around for a long time already.) They draw the crowds. Without them, the casino operators and the cigarette entrepreneurs will not stay long, coffee-shops and eateries will not open 24 hours and hotel business will decline.

A man can get a prostitute any time of the day. Of course he cannot be choosy during odd hours.

Legal brothels - around 12.30pm to about 10 or 11pm

Legal Thai whorehouses - same operating hours as the brothels

Street-walkers from China - all over the area

Early morning, mainly Chinese with a few Thai and Indonesians at Lorong 10, 14 and 16. I think a few of them stayed throughout the night. This picture was taken at about 7.30 am.

Afternoon beauties

Evening angels

And the flesh trade comes alive at night. The women are out in full force - from around 7pm to about 6 am or later in the morning.