December 27, 2006

December 2006

Geylang prostitutes

This month I fucked Joyce, Viko and Benz. Joyce did not appeal to me. This was the third time I fucked Viko; her cock-sucking skills has improved. I find Benz fair and attractive.

Benz, I liked the way she tossed herself backwards naked on the bed with hands above her head. Then I started kissing her hand all the way down her arm to armpit. The warm womanly smell of the armpit was very arousing. Next I kissed the side of her breast and moved upwards to her nipple. After that I started with the other side. Then came the abdomen, the feet right down to the thighs and groin area. I enjoyed her body very much.

China prostitutes

This one I picked up along Talma Road, after midnight, and we went to house no 29 at Lorong 14. Good service and good fuck.

Another one was picked up at Lorong 10, afternoon, and we went to one of the hotels in the Lorong. Also good service and she allowed me to play with her body. Not many China prostitutes allow this. Very enjoyable fuck.

Saw this stunning-looking Geylang prostitute waiting outside the brothel 25, Lorong 14.

November 29, 2006

November sex

Geylang prostitutes

Fucked Tian Tian, May, Fenny, Niki and Hoi Chiew (the last 4 are new).
May has very good skills in sucking cock, wet and sensuous type.
Fenny is very fair.
I thought Niki looks a bit like a Hong Kong tv actress (not famous one) but her body and her cock-sucking skills were not good.
Hoi Chiew is service-oriented.
Tian Tian is fair and has the best cock-sucking skills of the five.
But their faces are not sexually-attractive to me.

China prostitutes

Picked this prostitute from Talma Road around 1.30am, opposite Fragrance Hotel. I like her face. She is also friendly and accommodating but her body was not appetizing.

Picked this one from Lorong 10 in the afternoon. She is very fair, sexy and experienced.

These days there were more prostitutes soliciting at Talma Road and Lorong 14 in the afternoon. Saw this prostitute at junction of Lorong 10 and Talma Road in the afternoon. From behind she looked very attractive, especially her legs. Her face was not so attractive.

These prostitutes were along Lorong 14. Most of them brought their customers to No 29, formerly a ‘legal’ brothel. Room rate $10/hour. I went once and saw the brothel-keeper giving the woman $2 rebate when we left.

Faces that I find attractive

These prostitutes (only 18/19 years old) are from HK sex sites.

October 27, 2006

October Sex 2

Geylang prostitutes

Fucked these new prostitutes: the newer Niko and Jess.

Niko and Jess were fair, slim with small breasts. And also similar in service too, as if they attended the same course on how to please men. They both also allowed me to kiss and fondle every part of their bodies.

Jess really spent time toying with my penis.
When she licked my scrotum her fingers would move lightly round my penis head. Then she would lick the rigid shaft from the root to the top and round the head. And when she sucked my penis, her finger tips would tickle my scrotum. I was moaning away and my semen kept flowing out……

China prostitute

1.30am - picked one outside Hotel 81, Talma Road. She is friendly and has a well-proportioned body. Skill-wise she was far behind the geylang prostitutes.

Took these pictures one Saturday afternoon:

Thai prostitutes:
Coffeeshop, Lorong 20:
Lorong 20:
Lorong 14:
Darlene Hotel, Lorong 8:
Talma Road:

October 13, 2006

October Sex 1

New prostitutes in Geylang

Fucked these new prostitutes: Christine and Man Ling

Christine has beautiful breasts – round soft and firm. But I do not find her attractive.

Man Ling was skinny, small breasts and buttocks. Face also so-so.

But I enjoyed fucking Man Ling more than Christine. In fact I did not enjoy Christine except playing with her breasts. Body chemistry?

China prostitutes

Nowadays there are very few prostitutes in the afternoon and at night the quality was not good; only one or two that I liked.

Fucked one from outside Hotel 81, Talma Road around 2 am.
Sasa – another temptress, nice body and sexy face, great fuck

Sexy Woman

One evening I saw a sexy young woman in mini shorts and flimsy T-shirt. I was attracted by the tempting flesh above her shorts which also revealed her hip bones and navel. Behind you could see the lower part of her buttocks and her slim sexy legs. Vow! I was thinking fucking a woman again.

October 01, 2006

Sex in Zhuhai 4

This massage centre is in a hotel. The first batch of women were brought into the room for me to choose. There was one fair woman that I liked.

The bathing area was separated by a glass panel and there was a bed for the woman to do body massage on you. After that the foreplay continued on the other bed. The woman used several ways to tease my penis. One of them was using a small vibrator to stimulate the rim of the head and the prepuce below the head. She also put a finger cot on my index finger and then inserted the finger into her vagina. Fucking was also in various positions.

September 18, 2006

Sex in Macau 4

One area where the China prostitutes hang out:

She was sitting at a café with another two women. I walked past and she smiled at me. I was interested in her. But I just had a heavy dinner and I didn’t want to fuck. So I asked for her phone number. She gave me a slip of paper with her statistics. I called her the next day in the late morning. She came in less than 15 minutes. Good service, good fellatio skills and good fuck, HK$600.

I had this Vietnamese woman for body massage at Sun Sauna. She was very fair and shapely. She was also very friendly and accommodating. The body massage was done in the bathtub. We fucked on the bed. A sexy face, a creamy-white sensual body….

September 04, 2006

Geylang 14-25

Geylang, Lorong 14, house no. 25

Prostitutes from this brothel whom I have fucked: Ada, Bonnie, Sandra, Theresa and Vicko Another was Dolphin but she has stopped working.

All are friendly and give good service.
Vicko is new, quite attractive, but her fellatio skills is only so-so.
Ada, Theresa and Sandra have very good fellatio skills. Besides Sandra, the other two are very fair. Ada has a sexy face with the temptress look; she has small breasts. Theresa has a husky voice, big eyes and the type of face you would like to ejaculate on.

Bonnie has the type of face that I like. She also has small breasts but her fellatio skills have not improved much since I first fucked her.

This is one of the types of face that I like.

At a coffee-shop

There was a quite attractive woman sitting with an older woman and a man. She was groping her hair together to tie into a ponytail. Her two hands were raised behind her head to smother her hair. You could see the white flesh of her bare arms and the creases at her armpits, her slender fingers and the twitching of her arm muscles. It looked very erotic. My penis was responding too…

August 12, 2006

Two sexy prostitutes

National Day Eve
2.45am and Geylang was a hive of activities. The roads were still congested, the coffee shops still crowded. Plenty of prostitutes – Chinese, Indians, Indonesians, Thais, even a few Russians and Thai transvestites.

Xiao Qian

Went to Lorong 28 at about 1.30am. There were more prostitutes this time. I saw one I liked. She took me to a hotel somewhere near the middle of the Lorong. An old man sat at a table at the ground level. I paid him $10. We walked up to a room at level 1.

The room was quite big but not very pleasant and lighting was bad. The walls were in a dark colour making the interior look dull although there were two fluorescent lights. There were 2 beds and a table, no drinks or snacks.

The woman was very accommodating. She allowed me to kiss and caress her body and fondle her breasts. She was quite young. I like her face; I find it very sexually exciting. It made fucking her more enjoyable, the pleasure more intense and made my penis ejaculated more sperm.

Xiao Hui

Picked her up one afternoon at Lorong 20. She is not very young but attractive.

At the hotel bed, she told me about her hometown. She said I could stay in her house if I visited her hometown. She said she would bring me to the many massage centers and there are many young beautiful women to choose from. All the while she was playing with my cock which was getting harder and harder. Had a very good fuck!

July 28, 2006

July Sex

China prostitute, Jia Ling

1.30am, outside Hotel 6, Lorong 6 Geylang
She was in a dress which revealed the side views of her breasts. It was very tempting; men may be tempted to touch them. I went to New Darlene Hotel as I do not like Hotel 6.

The counter staff at H6 have very indifferent attitude. Once, after a session, I told the counter staff about the shower in the room not functioning properly. No thanks or apologies or noting down my feedback, just uttering ‘urh’ and then continuing with whatever they were doing…On the other hand, staff at the NDH are courteous and friendly.

This 25-year-old woman has nice round soft breasts which are just the right size. I love to kiss and fondle them. Her fellatio skills were quite okay. I also like her facial expressions while being fucked. A very enjoyable fuck.

Geylang prostitute, East

East is getting better and better with her cock-sucking skills. I particularly like the position where I stand with one foot on the floor and one foot on the bed and she kneels between my legs and lick the underside of my hard cock. Watching my throbbing cock against her face is a great turn-on.
An excellent fuck!

July 14, 2006

Geylang at 2.30am 13 July

The red-light zone was unexpectedly busy. Usually at this time the prostitutes and their potential customers are usually fewer. There were still many prostitutes at Lorongs 14, 12, 10, 8 and Talma Road. A few western prostitutes were at the side road linking Lorong 12 and Lorong 14. The short-time rooms at Fragrance Hotel at Lorong 14 was full. And at Hotel 81 at Talma Road, the one-hour rooms were also full.

Many prostitutes looked very sexy. But I feel the qualities were lower than before. There were only two that I would want to fuck. I will come back on other nights for them. Usually they stick to the same place.

There were also some prostitutes along Sims Avenue between Lorong 13 and 15.

I also toured the Geylang on other side of Lorong 22. At Lorong 28, there were about 5 prostitutes standing in the shadow. Along Geylang Road, between Lorong 34 and 28, sometimes there were 2 or 3 prostitutes hanging around.

The prostitutes at this side of Geylang, those at Lorong 14 and along Geylang Road and Sims Avenue, and those sitting at coffee-shops are usually more mature. Normally they charge $60 ~ $80 while the younger ones at the Talma Road zone charge $100.

June 28, 2006

June Sex

Geylang prostitutes

Bai Xue (called her a few times)

fair and fleshy (a bit plump now), you can see the green veins on her fair breasts with big areolas, blowjob skills – wet, deep and sensuous.

I was sitting at the edge of the bed and she was kneeling before me sucking my erect penis. Wet and deep, licking round the rim, lips and tongue caressing the underside, and all the while her fingers crawled lightly over my body and thighs… Watching her was most aphrodisiac; my cock becoming steel hard. Fucking was great.

AC (also a few times)

Fair and petite with good blowjob skills. During bathing, she sucked my cock with me standing and she kneeling down. I especially like the scene when she tilted her head upwards and licked the whole length of the underside of my erect cock. The bright light shone on her fair face with my hard throbbing cock against it. If only I could take a picture... It would be great if I could shoot the semen on her face!

On the bed ….. with me kneeling on all four while she squeezed between my legs and she played and sucked my cock from below. I loved to look at her face when fucking her and ejaculating…

China prostitutes

Ling (Shanghai) – afternoon, outside Hotel 81 at junction of Talma Rd/Lorong 8

She was wearing a low-dropping jeans, so low that it dropped below her hip bones and from behind you could just see the cleft between her buttocks. In the lift I mentioned that her jeans was very sexy and that her pubic hair could almost be seen. She then pulled down the front part of her jeans and her panties to reveal her pubic hair. I cuddled her and put my hand down her panties..

We stripped and washed up. Then she lay on the bed, spread her legs and put arms above her head. Vow! A live sexy woman spread out naked in front of you! Great temptation indeed. How to resist…I started to caress, stroke and kiss her whole body.

Then I fucked her…and discovered one great letdown. It took a little longer to ejaculate.

May 24, 2006

May Sex

China prostitutes

The night scenario at Geylang has not changed much from my previous visits but I felt the women are of a slightly lower qualities. Two or three massage joints seemed to have closed down.

In the early afternoon there are usually few women around.

1.30pm, Thursday – outside Darlene Hotel, Lorong 8.
There were 7 or 8 prostitutes. I picked one who was sexily-dressed.
Wang Lu from Beijing. She was fair and fleshy.
Face and Body : B+
Skills and Services: B+

2.30am, Saturday – along Talma Road, Junction Lorong 10
Xiao Li from Qingdao. Attractive face, sexy body with 2cm-erect nipples, let me kiss and caress her whole body. Great fuck. Later she told me I had called her before. I thought so too.
Face and Body : A
Skills and Services: A

2.00am, another Saturday - outside Darlene Hotel
Xiao Yan from Chongqing. Petite girl, looks like woman above.
She said she was 22 years old, but good at pleasing and enticing men. Cock sucking skills also quite good.
Face and Body : B+
Skills and Services : A

Geylang prostitutes

Mitchell – she is quite new, but I don’t find her attractive .
Face and Body : B
Skills and Services : B+

April 21, 2006

Sasa, Judy, and AC


Sasa and Judy are new. Judy seemed to be the lesser-experienced though she was very accommodating and friendly. They do not appeal to me. I prefer AC’s type of face. All three are medium-sized.

Face & Body: C

Skills & Services: B

Face & Body: C
Skills & Services: C

Face & Body: B
Skills & Services: A
I like her cock-sucking (wet, sensuous and gentle) and her hand stroking my cock while she stimulated my nipples with her tongue.

China prostitute Xiao Xiao (outside Hotel 6 in Lorong 6)
Slim, small-sized and a sexy face with mischievous-looking expression which seems to say that my cock will have a good time with her. I like such women. Fellatio was very elementary. But she aroused me with naughty talk. Great fuck!

April 06, 2006

My Ratings of Women

For me the face of the woman is the most important – whether I find her sexy or sexually-attractive. I have seen women who looked very sexy from behind or who were sexily-dressed, but once I see her face, my interest faded.

You may disagree with me as you may disagree with the judges of beauty shows. For example, to me Zoe Tay is grade A, Ericia Lee is B and Fiona Xia is C.

The following are some examples. Pictures are from some Hong Kong sex sites.

grade A

grade A

grade B

grade B

grade C

grade C