November 30, 2005

Seductress from Chongqing

It was 1.30 after midnight. She was standing in the dark sidewalk in Lorong 14, dressed in jeans and a dark long-sleeve blouse. So I only noticed her when she beckoned me as I walked near. She has the sluttish look and is very fair. She claimed that she had first class fellatio skills.

Her fair fleshy body whetted my sexual appetite. I asked her to turn over and started caressing her back with my lips and tongue, from her shoulders to her feet. Then I caressed her front, from her neck to her toes. She played with my penis. Soon it was throbbing with excitement .

Her fellatio skills were only so-so. Her teasing and acting skills were much better. As I kissed her body and fucked her, she teased me with her eyes, mouth and tongue and made moaning noises. It didn’t take long for me to ejaculate once my penis entered her vagina.

November 15, 2005

Whore from Beijing

November 2005

Went down to Lorong 10, Talma Road and the Darlene Hotel zone in the early afternoon a few times during the week. Sometimes there were only a few China women and sometimes none at all.

As for the late-night scene there were also less China women than before at the area during my visits. Only during the latest visit did I see two that were attractive to me. The first choice was not around when I returned after walking one round.

The second was standing outside Hotel 81. She is very fair and has curled reddish-brown hair. She was in a revealing two-piece outfit. The skimpy ‘skirt’ was even shorter than what the woman in the picture was wearing.

She said she was from Beijing. She has soft big breasts. I had great pleasure caressing and kissing her breasts and body.

Service was good. And so was sex.

In terms of looks I prefer the one from Qingdao whom I wrote about earlier.

November 05, 2005

Geylang: Recent Arrivals

October/November 2005

Tried three new arrivals in Geylang.

All the three are short. They gave good services. I think generally all the prostitutes in Geylang give good services.

petite, fair, sweet pretty face, small breasts, nice body

Face & Body : A*
Skills: B+

small-sized, very small breasts and thick thighs

After sex she gave me a massage on the back and her massage techniques were quite commendable.
Face & Body : B
Skills: A

Jia Jia
small-sized but with some body fats, small breasts, unattractive complexion

Face & Body: B
Skills: B