September 27, 2012

Camel toes

Cecilia Su Siew Nang 

Do you have a fetish for red toe nails? Cecilia Sue has red toe nails ...

Singaporean men practising risky sex in Batam

I think these are some of the reasons why they don't use the condom: 

“I'm old already. I don't have many more years to live. I may die tomorrow. So it doesn't matter much if I get disease.” (They are the old men who think nothing of passing the disease to the young girls who have a long life journey before them.)

“It is not easy to get HIV or other diseases.” 

“I have no wife and children to worry about passing the disease to.” 

I would say these men are irresponsible. They get diseases from prostitutes and then pass them on to other prostitutes who may not have the diseases and the diseases continue to spread on. 

Would they only learn the hard way - get the disease and experience the pain and fear. Then they also cannot fuck for weeks or for months or forever. 

For men ...

For prostitutes ...

Camel Toes

I mentioned in Boyhood Fantasies that there was a sexy woman in my neighbourhood. I liked to look at her, especially when she wore tight-fitting pants. I loved to look at her bulging crotch and the line dividing crotch into two. I knew it was a woman's sex organ and there was a hole for a man's cock to go in.

So actually I got interested in the camel toe when I was young boy. Now, what is a camel toe?

First, look at the anatomy of a woman's vulva.

The soft flesh above the vulva is called the mound of Venus (Mons veneris/Mons pubis). During puberty, hair grows on it. Hair also grows on the flesh on both sides of the vulva. Some vulvae can become very hairy. The cunt slit (pudenta cleft) divides the vulva into two halves. The smaller vagina lips (labia minora) are on both sides of the slit. The larger lips (labia majora) are on either side of the labia minora.

A nice cunt with fleshy labia minora.

The clitoris

The mound of Venus

Vulva with hair on the mound of Venus

A sexy vulva with hair on the mound of Venus and around the major lips

Hairy vulvae

When a woman wears tight-fitting clothing (pants, panties, swim-wear, sports-wear, etc), the tight fabric stretches over her crotch and cunt slit. The outline of her mound of Venus and larger lips as seen though these clothing is called camel toe. This is because it resembles the forefoot of a camel.

Below are some sexy camel toes ...

September 08, 2012

Sexy prostitutes

It is not often that you find a prostitute that you like a lot and she becomes your regular. First, she must also like you (at least don't dislike you), treat you well, be understanding and you have pleasurable sexual experience with her. This could mean you enjoy her body and fucking her or she has some sexual skills that arouse you.

When I was in Hong Kong a few years back, I fucked these two women. If I had stayed longer in HK, they would have become my regulars.

I have had several regular Malaysian prostitutes. Regular here means about one to two times a month. I have called them for a few years and there was one whom I had for 5 years which is more than 50 times altogether.

The China prostitutes only came in recent years. There were many I called once or twice and I also have regulars and favourites. Some of them have already gone back.

For myself the face is the most important factor. If I find the face sexy, I would call her. Whether she would be my regular would depend on the factors I mentioned above.

Here are some faces that I like.

Sexy legs would be an advantage.

It would be to her credit if she has good fellatio or handjob skills.