February 25, 2008

Sex drugs and women's panties

Don't buy illegal sex drugs.
You can see a doctor and he will give you a prescription to buy the drugs. But you must not be on any medication that is not compatible with the drug. So tell him all the medicine you are taking.

Don't go around stealing panties or doing anything that is illegal.
You can buy panties from prostitutes. Haha, if you want the panties to have a stronger smell you can ask the prostitutes to wear them for a few days first. I think many men are interested in women's panties, but most will grow out of it when they grow older or their interest will diminish.

February 18, 2008

Jalan Besar

I have not been to Jalan Besar red-light area for quite some time. A few days ago I went to take a look. Reached Desker Road in the evening, but not dark yet.

There were not many people at the backlane. There were a few stalls selling sex toys and drugs. It was just a day or two after the raids by the HSA and police for dangerous drugs. At one stall I saw a the peddler selling something that looked like viagra to a man who looked like a foreign worker. More raids are needed.

As for the prostitutes, they were old and many were fat - not attractive.

After Desker Road I went to Petain Road. Also not many people. There was a stall selling sex vcds. Several brothels were not open. Those that were open had only a few women. I think many have not come back from the Chinese New Year festival. They were only a bit younger than those at Desker Road, but also not attractive.

February 09, 2008

Rat Year First Fuck

My cock was itching and the testes were full of sperm, so decided to visit Geylang. I started off the Rat Year with a sexy prostitute from Hainan. My cock was very happy. She asked for a red packet. Of course I gave her.

Late afternoon and big crowds gathered at this vice-hub centre gawking at the prostitutes. According to the Hainan woman, these foreign Chinese workers never call them. They find it expensive.

Outside Darlene Hotel

Some women doing their ritual before starting work

Then they stand along the pavement, the man behind is a mafu.

Another sexy one

February 07, 2008

Chinese New Year greetings

Happy New Year to everyone!

And wishing male adult readers:
Your COCK will be hard and strong whenever you want to use it...