May 23, 2009

Smoking fetish

Some men get aroused when they see attractive women smoking or get more excited when the women they are fucking smoke on the bed. Many prostitutes also smoke. For some, you can smell the tobacco odour in their breath. A few smoke when they finish the job early but they will ask you first. Here are some pictures of women smoking ...

Here is a blog about women smoking, but I don't find the women attractive:

Female bloggers and dog penis
I came across two female bloggers who wrote something about dog penis. Not vulgar but quite funny. No links, they might not like to be linked to an adult blog.

1. "Not until I realized that this is not an ordinary stray dog, because... This dog has penis, a 5 inch long penis!!!!"


Actually she was talking about a dog statue ...

2. "I don't like male dogs cos I feel they're quite unclean with their penises hanging about plus, when they HUMP on things, their penises extend longer and I find it very disgusting :/

Then if wana cuddle them, the penis will like touch my arm or something and I don't like that since that's the peehole too..


Haha, maybe she was thinking of something like this ...