May 18, 2010

Catregory III films

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Category III films

Category III movies are not just about nudity and sex. They also include violence, horror, and other perversions. But I’m most interested in those showing sexy naked women. If you are interested to know more about category 3 movies, you can read this long post:

In these type of films you can see completely naked women including nipples and pubic hair. But you cannot see the vagina entrance, the penis or the sex act itself. You might see the man thrusting his buttocks or the woman bobbing on top of the man and both pretending to be in ecstasies.

These pictures are from 4 films.

A young sexy woman ...

The couple here is husband and wife but woman likes to flirt with other men and have sex with them.

A man kissing the woman's body. The woman is in the video below.

A man with a prostitute ...

This clip is from 2 movies. There are two different women. Both of them have nice firm breasts. I find the first woman sexier and her facial expressions are arousing too. Watching her gives your cock that pleasurable sexual feeling and semen will ooze out from your cock head.

May 06, 2010

Beautiful ears and earrings

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Big cocks

There are sites and blogs where you can see pictures of men’s cocks. Some of the pictures do not look real. It is possible that the cock is fake or the picture is fake which means the picture has been doctored to make the cock look more impressive or the image was created from other photos.

The original picture is the one in the middle.

Which is the 'original cock'?

You don't have to envy men with very big cocks. It doesn't mean the bigger cock you have you will enjoy more. A cock of average size (I already have a post about this) is good enough for you to enjoy women.

Have you fucked a European prostitute before? I think the vagina of many European prostitutes are too loose for most Asian men. An Asian man would not feel the pleasure because there is little friction between the cock head and the wall of the vagina. Asian prostitutes who frequently serve European or black men may also have loose vagina.

The woman I would choose.

In the previous post I asked what type of women you like. As for me, I like both models A and B, but my first choice is A. Although she has small breasts, I find her face more attractive.

Does she look sexier with the earrings and the tattoo?

Beautiful ears and earrings

We don’t often see the ears of women because they are covered by the hair. And men seldom notice the ears of women unless they have a special liking for women’s ears. For some women, the ear is an erogenous zone. They get aroused when you lick or nibble the perimeter of their ears.

Last week I had a prostitute who wore big round earrings. It made me notice her ears. She said the big earrings made her look more sexy.

Does the big earrings made this woman more attractive?

An very unusual fetish - cum on the ear. But don't let the semen drop down to the eardrum.

Some beautiful ears and earrings .....