November 01, 2010

Sweaty body eroticism

Geylang streetwalkers round-up.

The Geylang vice scene is not as bustling as it was a few years ago. However, at times (afternoon as well as night) you could still find some prostitutes at various places. Yesterday (Sunday) afternoon there were quite a number of prostitutes at the spot opposite the coffee-shop at Lorong 20. Several were along the pavement between Lorong 18 and Lorong 20 (above picture). There were also some at Talma Road.

Here are a few places where I saw prostitutes in the past weeks.

1. Lorong 21/Geylang Road

2. Lorong 31, Lorong 33 and the stretch of Sims Avenue between these 2 lorongs. I saw some Vietnamese at the back-lane too.

3. At Talma Road and Lorong 14.

a group of Indonesians walking by ...

This one has been around for quite a while.

for those with schoolgirl uniform fetish?

4. The popular spot opposite the Lorong 20 coffee-shop ...

and at the coffee-shop ...

5. Lorong 10/Talma Road

This woman is sexy.

Sweaty Body

One day I went to Geylang to call one of my regular prostitutes, a Malaysian. She has just arrived at her joint at Lorong 16 and quickly hurried over to the brothel where I was waiting which was a short distance away in the same Lorong. It was an extremely hot and humid day.

When I saw her, she was sweating. Inside the room she suggested we had a bath together. Then she stripped. There was sweat on her body. I hugged her and caressed her body. The smell of her warm sweaty body was exciting. The smell of food whetted you appetite; the smell of women whetted your sexual appetite. The odour of a senuous woman!

My cock became hard very quickly. I continued to caress and kiss her sweaty body while she stroked my cock. Soon my cock was throbbing with lust.

I put my cock into her vagina. While fucking her I looked at her face. There was a little sweat and her nostrils flared occasionally while she made soft moaning noise. I love her facial expressions. It made me very aroused and my cock was savouring every pleasurable moment inside her cunt.

I ejaculated a lot of semen.