July 13, 2007

China prostitutes

Some China prostitutes I fucked in recent weeks...

This is the voluptuous sensual one with the white outfit and cap I mentioned in an earlier post. Second time fucked her. The only one who gave my cock an excellent suck. Great Fuck! Will call her again if she comes back.

There is also a picture of this woman taken at the road in another post. Fair, has sexy face and tempting body. Also second time I fucked her - better than the first time, another temptress on the bed. Great! Will also call her again.....

She looks better than her photo, pleasant and accommodating. Very good fuck!

Fair, has slim sexy body. Fucking - Fair only.

Average in looks and body. Fucking - fair

July 02, 2007

Unforgettable prostitutes 1 & 2

1. Jo (Geylang)

She was friendly, attractive and fair. She was the woman who taught me the 69 position. She climbed over me and thrust her cunt in my face. First time I saw a woman’s cunt so close. Not picture, a real CUNT!

Wow, the creamy flesh, the black pubic hair, the lips, the moist vagina - glorious CUNT! That time I dared not lick cunt yet, so I just admired the beauty. There was faint erotic odour. I put a finger inside her hole. It was wet and warm. and then I smelled the finger. A starchy leaf-like smell. The smell of a vagina!

Meanwhile she was sucking my very hard cock. Then she put my cock inside her cunt. My hard pulsating cock inside her a warm wet cunt! Soon my sperm shot out like a volcano erupting.

Unfortunate, after I called her 4 times, she quitted already.

2. Shi (Geylang)

My cock got hard very fast when I was with her naked body. She was not the talkative type but nice and friendly.

I remember the first time I called her, in the bathroom before she even touched my cock it was very hard already. As soon as we were back in the room I started to fuck her and my cock head was feeling so pleasurable …ahhhhhhhhh! soon I ejaculated. That time I couldn’t control for long.

Then she asked me ‘want to fuck second time’. No, I said.

I think if your first fuck is very enjoyable and you ejaculated a lot you don’t need a second fuck so soon. But once in a while I called two prostitutes in one day - usually the first one in the afternoon and the second one at night.

If you don’t enjoy your first fuck, what for have a second time. I think those who want second time just want to make themselves feel better because they think then they have got more than what they pay.

Shi is one of my favourites. But she also didn’t stay long, I think one year or so only.